How to Open Your Third Eye Chakra with Affirmations

If you're indecisive, feeling lost or lack clarity in life, then you may have a blocked third eye chakra. Affirmations are a powerful technique used to open and heal your third eye chakra, enhancing your awareness, intuition, focus and concentration. 

    What are the 7 Chakras?

    The 7 chakras are the main energy centres of your body. Each is located in a specific area of the physical body and is responsible for regulating a particular set of emotions. When all 7 chakras are balanced, energy flows freely through the body giving you a clear mindset and access to your greater intuition.

    When they’re blocked, they can wreak havoc on your physical, mental and emotional health. Third eye chakra affirmations are a powerful way to help heal, open and unblock these energy centres. It’s recommended that before you try to open your third eye chakra, you first work with the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart and throat chakra in order, as these will build the foundation to properly access your intuitive centre. 

    What is the Third Eye Chakra?

    The third eye chakra is the 6th chakra and the beginning of the shift from your emotional energy centres to your greater consciousness. It’s located between the brows at the centre of the forehead and is closely linked to the brain’s pineal gland.

    The pineal gland is made up of the same cells that are wired to the visual cortex of the brain, it regulates your circadian rhythm, produces melatonin and is said to be the access point to greater awareness.

    The third eye chakra is closely linked to psychic consciousness, imagination, understanding and intuition. When this chakra is open and activated you are more attuned with yourself and others, trust your gut instincts and have greater awareness and wisdom. 

    Blocked Third Eye Chakra Symptoms

    There are many signs and symptoms of a blocked third eye chakra. Those with an under-active third eye chakra will likely lack direction, feel disconnected and have a hard time focusing on the present. Those with an overactive third eye chakra may feel paranoid, distrustful and live deeply in their Ego. If you think you have a blocked third eye chakra then you may be experiencing the following symptoms: 

    Physical Symptoms:

    • Headaches
    • Difficulty sleeping
    • Insomnia
    • Sinus Issues
    • Eyestrain
    • Poor memory
    • Neurological disorders

    Mental Symptoms:

    • Lack of direction
    • Confusion
    • Difficulty focusing
    • Paranoia
    • Detachment
    • Brain fog
    • Disconnection from reality

    Open Third Eye Chakra Symptoms

    When your third eye chakra is open you will feel a deeper connection to yourself, others and nature. It can be quite a blissful feeling, as your empathy, sense of freedom and intuition are supercharged. You will begin to feel a kind of oneness with everything, which leads to greater joy even in the simplest of pleasures.

    Your will have an enhanced intuition with others, giving you the ability to read people and situations better. You'll become more creative and have a general lust for life. Through this activation your greater awareness will allow you to perceive the more subtle qualities of reality, with the added bonus of enhancing any meditative, breathwork or yogic practice. 

    Why Should I Practice Third Eye Chakra Affirmations?

    Using third eye chakra affirmations is a powerful way to reprogram the subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is on a constant loop. Without you even realising it, you think around 90% of the same thoughts today as you did yesterday. 

    So, if you’re someone who is indecisive, lacks direction or clarity then the subconscious mind will continue to reiterate these qualities over and over. It’s very difficult to change your subconscious loop when you’re not aware of it. 

    Affirmations are an incredible tool to reprogram these self-destructive and sabotaging thoughts.They will help you to reprogram negative and self limiting beliefs by presenting the brain new data. Positive affirmations will send new signals to the brain, creating new neural pathways, turning your negative subconscious loop into a positive one.

    45 Third Eye Chakra Affirmation: 

    1. I trust my intuition
    2. I am a powerful manifester
    3. I believe in myself
    4. I am present
    5. I trust my gut feeling
    6. I know what is best for me
    7. I am open to all experiences
    8. I see clearly
    9. I know exactly what I want
    10. I release past experiences that no longer serve me
    11. My mind is clear and at peace
    12. I release all blockages in my system
    13. I am insightful
    14. The answers I seek are within
    15. I am my purpose
    16. I choose to tap into all of my sense
    17. I am imaginative and creative
    18. Everything I need is within me
    19. I use my intuition without fear
    20. I am boundless
    21. I am free
    22. I am connected to my mind, body and spirit
    23. I am aligned with the universe
    24. I own my truth
    25. Seeing the big pictures comes naturally to me
    26. I know exactly what I want
    27. I am connected to myself in a powerful way
    28. I am empathetic with others
    29. I act only in my highest good and the highest good of others
    30. I am always willing to learn and grow
    31. I am open to learning new perspectives
    32. I can see my path clearly
    33. I embrace my inner-knowing and wisdom 
    34. I trust my inner knowing
    35. I am guided by my intuition
    36. I am deeply connected to wisdom
    37. I nurture my spirit and absorb knowledge
    38. I am aligned with my goals and aspirations
    39. I am deeply connected to everything
    40. The answers I seek are already within me
    41. I recognise that everyone has their own path
    42. I forgive myself for my lack of direction
    43. I accept and love myself unconditionally
    44. I am excited about life
    45. I choose authenticity

    Final Thoughts 

    Practicing third eye chakra affirmations is a powerful way to open, heal and balance the third eye chakra. Through this activation, you will have both physical and mental health benefits as you access your awareness and intuition.

    If you would like to enhance your affirmations, we recommend pairing your them with meditation, breathwork or listening to the solfeggio frequency 852hz. Choose the 5 affirmations that resonate most with you and practice for 30 days.

    If you felt the benefits of these affirmations we'd love to hear from you.

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