9 Third Eye Chakra Opening Symptoms

So, you think you’ve opened your third eye chakra? This can happen either spontaneously or through spiritual modalities like chakra meditation, breathwork or yoga. Either way, you’re probably experiencing some weird and wonderful changes.

The correct way to open the third eye chakra is generally to start from the root chakra and work your way up to the third chakra, this allows for the proper flow of Kundalini energy. It prepares and grounds the body so that it’s ready to vibrate at a higher level of consciousness.

For those who have spontaneously opened their third eye, you may be feeling a little confused and concerned, as you still may have stagnant energy blocking the first 5 chakras.

If this is the case you should try to work through issues relating to the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart and throat chakras. Opening your third eye is a sign that you have raised your vibrational frequency, which can be overwhelming and exhibit a number of symptoms. Here’s what we’ll cover so you’ve got the full picture of what’s going on:

    What are the 7 Chakras?

    The 7 chakras are the main energy centres of the body. They're aligned with your spine and the largest nerve in the body, the vagus nerve, which is responsible for regulating emotion. It’s said that when you activate the chakras that you can release emotional trauma and stagnant energy from the body.

    Each of the chakras has its own location and emotional frequency. For example the throat chakra is located at the centre of the throat and is your expression centre. If you’re someone who suffers from a “blocked” throat chakra then you might be shy, lack communication skills, exhibit arrogance or act inauthentically.

    This would mean that you would need to work on unblocking your throat chakra. Signs of an unblocked throat chakra would be someone who speaks with confidence, lives authentically and is always true to themselves.  

    What is the Third Eye Chakra?

    The third eye chakra is located at the centre of your forehead, between the eyebrows. It’s said to be linked to the brain’s pineal gland which is a pinecone shaped gland at the centre of your brain.

    The cells inside the pineal gland are made up of the same cells as your eyes and are wired to the visual cortex of the brain. Essentially, the pineal gland is made up of the same material as what our eyes use to see.

    This is why it's linked to your intuition, psychic consciousness, imagination, awareness and understanding. When this chakra is blocked, a person might lack direction, be unsure of themselves, feel disconnected or cynical. When the third eye chakra is balanced, you’re able to see clearly, from both an external and internal perspective.

    This means that you’re more attuned to yourself and those around you. When you access your intuition you make decisions from a place of wisdom. The experience of opening your third eye chakra can be quite intense and even disorienting for some. Here are some signs that it’s happening to you:

    9 Third Eye Chakra Opening Symptoms

    1. Sensation in the Middle of Your Brows

    You may be experiencing a dull sensation or pressure in the middle of your brows. This is generally the first symptom of a third eye chakra opening. You may also feel warmth in that area or a weird sensation, like someone's touching the middle of your forehead.

    When you meditate or close your eyes you may feel this spot lightly pulsate. It will generally come and go until it eventually fades away.

    2. Frequent Tension Headaches

    Suddenly you’re getting headaches more often. It’s said that during the activation of your Kundalini energy, pressure builds near the pineal gland to prepare it to open.

    These headaches will come and go for some time and can be soothed through meditation, breathwork or reiki. Of course, if you are experiencing bad headaches and are worried, please consult your doctor. 

    3. Shift in Personality

    Now that you are more attuned to your intuition your perspective has changed, which makes you feel like a different person. You see life from a different perspective which shifts your personality.

    You may find that you no longer resonate with some of your friends and family and find it hard to indulge in conversations that you used to enjoy. This can be a difficult time as you begin to navigate what energy you want to be around and how to maintain this new found positivity. Though it may be hard in the beginning, you feel more accepting of yourself and realise that nothing outside of your consciousness can phase you. 

    4. Vivid or Lucid Dreams

    Suddenly your brain is much more active when you sleep. You have vivid dreams that you remember more clearly in the morning. You may even experience lucid dreams, which can be quite confronting if you’ve never experienced them before. When you lucid dream you’re consciously aware inside the dream.

    This means you can make conscious decisions in the dream and influence it in whatever way you want. There are various interpretations of what it means to lucid dream, but this is another powerful sign that your third eye is awakening. 

    5. You’re More Empathetic

    You’ve become more sensitive to the emotions of others. You’ve shifted from judging people to trying to understand them. When you see or hear something you don’t agree with, you no longer have knee-jerk reactions, you always try to look at things from an objective standpoint. You feel more attuned to people’s feelings and connect with them on a much deeper level. 

    6. You have More Focus and Clarity

    You’re more sure of yourself, so you feel more focused on your path. You used to let your emotions cloud your judgement, but you have much more clarity now. You’ve learnt how to filter out the noise and focus on what’s important to you. 

    7. Seeing Synchronicities

    You may have had synchronicities before, you just weren’t aware of them. Now, you see them everywhere. These could be a number of things from; seeing angel numbers or the same animal/insect over and over, resonating clearly with certain parts of movies/shows/TikToks/books or thinking of someone only for them to randomly show up some time later.

    You start to understand that certain people enter and exit your life for a reason, that problems that arise are meant to challenge you not break you and that everything is happening at the right time for your spiritual growth. 

    8. Seeing Shapes, Patterns and Lights

    There are common shapes, colours and orbs that people see when they close their eyes after a third chakra awakening. The geometric patterns are known as sacred geometry which are symbols that are repeated throughout nature, sound frequencies and the universe.

    The colours that are seen are usually white, blue and indigo. These are all signs of an activated pineal gland, allowing for you to see beyond the material world.

    9. Greater Intuition 

    You may have once been indecisive, but you now feel sure of your decisions. You get a gut feeling about things, whether they’re good or bad and stick to your guns no matter what. You don’t question that feeling, you trust it.

    You might have already experienced the use of your heightened intuition without you even realising it. For example, you might have met someone new, sensed a bad vibe and found out that you were right about it later on. Your intuition is heightened now, so you will be able to perceive even the slightest of nuances. 

    Final Thoughts:

    It’s completely normal to experience any of these symptoms during a third eye chakra opening. Your consciousness is reaching a higher level of intuition, imagination and wisdom, so it can come as quite a shock to the system.

    If you’re looking to open your third eye chakra, then utilising practices like meditation, breathwork and yoga are the way to go. We also recommend spending more time in nature and grounding your feet into the earth.

    This helps us to connect on a deeper level. Opening your third eye chakra can be as beautiful as it is scary. For those who achieve this opening spontaneously, the symptoms can be confusing and isolating.

    Remember that it takes time and patience to open your third eye chakra, so be kind to yourself, as you journey inward.

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