Best Spiritual Retreats in Costa Rica [Adults Only]

We've picked the best retreats in Costa Rica that are all inclusive and adults only!

Looking to escape the daily grind and dive into a world of self-discovery and growth? You might want to pack your bags for Costa Rica. It's home to some of the best retreats in Costa Rica, specifically crafted for adults only, and geared towards transformational experiences.

Think of it as a chance to hit the "reset" button on life, all while soaking in the natural beauty of a world far removed from the everyday hustle.  Intrigued? Let's explore what awaits you in Costa Rica's transformative havens.

    The Portal Costa Rica

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    Location: Costa Rica

    Stay: 6 days, 5 nights

    Pricing: $4997USD | $7,688AUD

    The Portal Costa Rica offers a unique retreat experience designed for individuals, couples, or any pair of two such as family, friends, or colleagues. This retreat focuses on personal growth and discovery at the highest level, providing attendees an unparalleled opportunity to dive deep into self-awareness and unconditional love.

    The core activities of this retreat include:

    • Sound Journeys
    • Ceremonies
    • Private Workshops
    • Interaction with Nature and Top Global Facilitators
    • Swimming in Divine Waterfalls
    • Cleansing in the Rivers
    • Encounters with Local Wildlife like Toucans, Monkeys, Sloths, and Red Macaws
    • Sunset Watching from the Mountain Portal

    Along with the guided activities, the nourishing experience is enriched with organic, healthy food including tropical fruits like mango, jackfruit, and papaya. Participants are also educated about healthy living and nutrition.

    Set against the backdrop of breathtaking 180-degree ocean views, this retreat does more than just awaken the mind and body; it immerses attendees in an environment where they can truly reconnect with themselves and with nature.

    The carefully crafted blend of emotional intelligence, awareness, consciousness work, and physical experiences makes this retreat an outstanding choice for those seeking transformation and enlightenment. The Portal Costa Rica is not just a retreat; it's a gateway to liberation and a new reality.

    Deep Healing Retreat

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    Location: Puntarenas Province

    Stay: 8 days, 7 nights

    Pricing: $1999USD | $3,075AUD

    The Deep Healing Retreat set in a luxurious villa provides an immersive experience that caters to both the body and soul. Surrounded by nature, attendees have the opportunity to disconnect from daily life and explore the deepest parts of themselves. The yoga offerings are broad and inclusive, accommodating all skill levels, and the carefully curated meals cater to a wide array of dietary preferences.

    The program's core activities include:

    • Transformational Breathwork
    • Sound Healing Experience
    • Deep Inner Child and Shadow Work
    • Intention Setting and Manifestation Tools
    • Daily Yoga and Meditation Classes
    • A Hike to the Largest Waterfall in Costa Rica
    • Beach Day
    • Bonfire Ritual

    Additional services such as massage, facials, Reiki, and ceremony add to the richness of the experience. What sets this retreat apart are the Deep Dive Workshops and the creation of a judgment-free community that fosters profound growth and healing. Attendees leave with a sense of mental strength, inner peace, and a renewed connection with nature.

    The Deep Healing Retreat has proven to be a transformative experience, leaving a lasting impact on those fortunate enough to participate.

    Connect to Your Nature Women Retreat

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    Location: Puntarenas Province

    Stay: 6 days, 5 nights

    Pricing: $4899USD | $7,537AUD

    The Connect to Your Nature Women Retreat is reserved exclusively for ten women seeking transformation, connection, and self-discovery. Held in the lush rainforest of Costa Rica within a luxurious environment, this 6-day experience utilizes the principles and practices of Spiritual psychology. Women are guided to connect with their Souls through nature, community, and themselves, resulting in a newfound sense of joy, meaning, purpose, and aliveness.

    The retreat features:

    • General Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga, suitable for beginners and intermediate practitioners.
    • Organic, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Dairy-free meals.
    • Personal Flights & Travel Assistance, a 3-Day Transformational Online Retreat, and Exclusive Playlists.

    Taking place at Topanga Villa in Provincia de Puntarenas, Ojochal, Costa Rica, from March 17-22, 2024, this retreat invites women to explore, nourish, and connect. It's an opportunity to attune to the Earth and to the rhythms of Mother Nature.

    Activities and benefits include:

    • Connecting, sharing, and laughing with like-minded women.
    • Practicing deeply transformative experiential activities.
    • Being guided toward personal answers to life’s questions.
    • Emotional and healing breakthroughs.
    • Learning transformational tools to use for a lifetime.
    • Discovering and aligning with the Soul’s purpose.
    • Relaxing and restoring with quality time for oneself.

    The Connect to Your Nature Women Retreat is specifically designed for women at various stages of self-discovery, feminine leadership, and spiritual seeking. It's for those ready to unapologetically embrace their divine, powerful selves and radiate authenticity. With the aim to leave attendees with life mastery tools, this retreat offers more than just relaxation – it's an introduction to Spiritual Psychology and a path to a stronger mental state, inner peace, and a genuine connection with one's true nature.

    Thrive Active Tropical Retreat

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    Location: Playa Flamingo, Guanacaste Province

    Stay: 8 days, 7 nights

    Pricing: $3,795USD | $5,838AUD

    Breathe in the fresh sea air from the private beach mansion at the Thrive Active Tropical Retreat located in Costa Rica, hand-crafted just for you. This luxury retreat is designed to help you relax, unwind, and truly experience all the tropical adventures Costa Rica has to offer. From the moment you check into the beach Oasis with welcome drinks and snacks to the last day's BBQ pool party, the focus is on you, your comfort, and your connection with nature and like-minded individuals.

    Among the activities you can look forward to are:

    • Surfing lessons
    • Zip-lining
    • Yoga and fitness classes on the beach
    • Cliff jumping
    • Ziplining adventure
    • Intention setting cacao ceremony
    • Cooking classes with a private chef
    • Time for relaxation and games at the beautiful beach across the mansion

    The Thrive Active Tropical Retreat brings together a perfect blend of downtime, fitness and wellness, outdoor adventures, and daily healthy culinary delights cooked by a private chef. Whether you're traveling alone or with friends, this retreat has a strong community vibe that ensures only the best people attend, promising a once-in-a-lifetime experience. With the Costa Rican retreat's core purpose being to provide a safe environment for you to step out of your comfort zone, you're bound to leave feeling rejuvenated, energized, and with a new group of friends who will remain in your life for years to come.

    8 Day Women's Hiking, Yoga & SUP Adventure Retreat

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    Location: Cartago Province

    Stay: 8 days, 7 nights

    Pricing: $2894 | $4,453

    Sorry guys, this is for women only! The 8 Day Women's Hiking, Yoga & SUP Adventure Retreat journey is bound to awaken your adventurous spirit. Nestled in the beauty of Costa Rica, this retreat promises not just outdoor escapades, but a connection to nature, culture, and fellow adventurers.

    You'll embark on:

    • Thrilling activities like rafting the scenic Pacuare River, ziplining, and hiking through lush jungles.
    • Relaxed pursuits such as paddleboarding on Angostura lake, practicing yoga, and basking on Punta Uva Beach.
    • Delicious culinary experiences with options like gluten-free, vegan, and paleo-friendly meals.

    Local guides will introduce you to authentic Costa Rican flavors and small group sizes ensure an intimate, camaraderie-filled experience.

    Whether taking a refreshing dip in a hidden waterfall, exploring the Afro-Caribbean influenced town of Puerto Viejo, or enjoying unplugged evenings with new lifelong friends, this retreat encapsulates adventure, tranquility, and human connection.

    It's an invitation to unplug, explore, and rediscover yourself in one of the world's most breathtaking landscapes.

    Embarking on the  8 Day Women's Hiking, Yoga & SUP Adventure Retreat is more than just a vacation; it's an invitation to a transformative experience that combines nature, adventure, and personal growth. If you're seeking a memorable escape filled with authentic connections, breathtaking landscapes, and activities that cater to all fitness levels, this Costa Rican adventure awaits you.

    Final Thoughts

    In the heart of Costa Rica, transformation awaits. These hand-picked retreats aren't just vacations; they're gateways to self-discovery, healing, and profound growth.

    Whether it's through the practice of yoga, the embrace of spiritual psychology, or the connection with like-minded souls, these experiences offer a unique path to inner peace and empowerment.

    So why not take the plunge?

    Your next adventure in self-exploration could be just a flight away. Costa Rica's best adults-only, transformational retreats are calling, and the journey is yours to take.

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