Breathwork for a Spiritual Awakening

So, you’re ready to have a spiritual awakening but don’t know where to start? Breathwork is a free and easy self healing practice, although can be quite an emotionally intense experience. Deepening your breath in a focused and controlled manner can help you to unblock your chakras, unearth past trauma and heal self limiting beliefs. Let’s get into how it works. 

    What is Breathwork?

    Breathwork is the conscious act of deepening and focusing on the breath. It's a form of mindfulness meditation that sets into motion a number of physiological changes in the mind and body. 

    Have you ever noticed that when you’re particularly scared or anxious that your breath shortens? This shortened breath signals to the brain that you are in potential danger which sends the body into overdrive. In this day and age things like anxiety, depression and insecurity can all trigger this "fight or flight" response.

    In the same way, when you oxygenate the brain by deepening your breath, you’re signalling to the brain that you are safe. Practicing breathwork relaxes and brings you back to a calm and open state. 

    How Does Breathwork Trigger a Spiritual Awakening?

    When you practice conscious breathwork you’re stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system through the vagus nerve

    The vagus nerve is the largest nerve in the body and is responsible for your brainstem's ability to communicate to all of your major organs. It also happens to regulate your emotions. Stimulation of the vagus nerve sends your body into a state of total relaxation and calm. In this state you are able to tap into altered states of consciousness. 

    Breathwork & The Subconscious Mind

    Our subconscious mind is on a constant loop. We think around 90% of the same subconscious thoughts everyday without even noticing it. This is the human body’s version of auto-pilot.

    The subconscious mind also happens to be where we store all of our beliefs, assumptions, desires, trauma and memories. If you're chasing a spiritual awakening then you're probably looking for some life altering change in the way that you think and perceive the world. This is hard to achieve when you're stuck in auto-pilot.

    When we gain awareness of this and practice breathwork we are better able to access parts of the subconscious mind that are generally laying dormant. 

    In this altered state of consciousness you can access repressed emotions, memories and trauma from your childhood. Doing so allows you to confront your “shadow self” or the parts of you that have been suppressed and ignored for years or even decades.

    Through this great awareness you’re able to identify where any self-sabotaging behaviour might come from leading to a spiritual awakening. 

    How to Do Breathwork for a Spiritual Awakening

    Practicing breathwork for a spiritual awakening can be quite an intense experience. We recommend doing so in a calm and safe environment where you can focus for an extended period of time. 

    Don’t be surprised if you cry, wail, feel uncomfortable, confront painful memories, come to profound realizations or feel a physical and spiritual release when practicing this technique.

    This practice will be entirely from the mouth; with a double inhale and one exhale from the mouth. This can be quite challenging, but try to push through the process. Note that the deeper you go with the breath, the deeper experience you will have. If you feel dizzy at any point please stop the practice.

    Mouth Breath for Spiritual Awakening

    The breathwork pattern should be of equal length in the form of a triangle and is as follows:

    1. In through the mouth into the belly 
    2. In through the mouth into the chest
    3. Out through the mouth  

    To Start Your Practice

    1. Set up your space so that you feel safe and comfortable
    2. Dim the lights and place yourself in a calm state
    3. Play solfeggio frequencies or meditation music to help you focus (optional)
    4. Set a soft timer on your phone for 10 minutes and another for 20 minutes
    5. You will be actively breathing for the first 10 minutes & relaxing for the second 10 minutes
    6. Lie down ensuring that your spine is straight (no pillows)
    7. Close your eyes

    You’re Ready to Breathe 

    1. Place one hand on your chest and one hand on your belly
    2. Relax your eyes, relax your jaw, relax your body
    3. Start your breathing technique
    4. In through the mouth into the belly
    5. In through the mouth into the chest
    6. Out through the mouth
    7. Repeat breath without pausing till 10 minute timer bells
    8. When the 10 minute timer goes of lie in this altered calm state for another 10 minutes
    9. Let yourself let go of any stagnant emotion, listen to what pops up in your mind, remain calm and see what comes to you.
    10. You may want to journal after your practice to note down anything you’ve learned 

    Other Breathwork Techniques

    There are various types of breathwork that can help you to reach a spiritual awakening. If you feel as though you have blockages in any of your chakras, you may want to try out different techniques to help you work through your trauma. These include:

    Final Thoughts

    Practicing breathwork for a spiritual awakening in a powerful practice. Though it can be quite emotionally challenging, gaining access to subconscious blockages that are sabotaging your behaviour will allow you to release, let go and transform your life. This is an amazing way to get started on your spiritual journey and to trigger a spiritual awakening.

    If you tried this breathwork technique for a spiritual awakening we’d love to hear about your experience. Feel free to DM us on Instagram or contact us here with any questions. 

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