Chase Me Method - How to Use this Law of Attraction Technique

Okay, so you’ve seen the “Chase Me Method” on TikTok and now you’re here trying to figure out how to do it. We’ll explain how this law of attraction technique works and how to practice. 

    How the Law of Attraction Works 

    First, let’s break down the law of attraction. 

    The law of attraction is one of the 12 Universal Laws - meaning it applies to everyone, even you. We’re all using it all the time too - you can attract both positive and negative experiences into your life based on the frequency of your emotions.

    The law of attraction states that we can manifest our deepest desires by aligning our thoughts, feelings, and actions. 

    In other words, what we focus on and believe in, we attract into our lives.

    What is the Chase Me Method?

    The Chase Me Method is a law of attraction affirmation that helps you to attract someone into your life.

    It’s not as easy as it sounds though because in order for this to work you have to sincerely believe and feel that they will come back to you - there can’t be any doubt. 

    To do the chase me method you say the words “chase me like never before - you need me” as you stare into the eyes of a picture of someone you want to attract. 

    Now, if you don’t really believe your affirmation to be true - you’re not going to attract the person. Be sure to match the feeling of having that person to the words - this will strengthen the signal of your positive frequency.

    How to Do the Chase Me Method

    1. Clear your mind - clear your mind and choose a photo of the person you’re trying to attract where they’re looking into the camera
    2. Say your affirmation - while staring into the eyes of the person you want to attract say the words “chase me like never before - you need me” 
    3. Feel that it will happen- As you say the words and stare into the eyes of the person, truly believe your affirmation is going to happen - truly believe that they need you, feel that emotion take over your whole body - how does it feel that they want and need you?
    4. Let Go -  Once you have practiced the Chase Me Method - let go. If you sit around wondering why your manifestation hasn’t come true you are signalling doubt to the universe - this will block your manifestation

    Final Thoughts

    Positive affirmations can be absolutely life changing. When you truly align your energy with the things that you desire you can manifest wonderful things into your life. 

    To use this method, ensure that you clear your mind, truly believe and remember to let go after you practice - don’t signal to the universe that you have any doubts as this will block your manifestation. 

    With consistent practice and belief, the Chase Me Method will help you to attract that special someone back into your life. 

    If you've practiced the Chase Me Method and had results, we'd love to hear your story! Contact us with how it helped to transform your life or if you have any questions.

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