How to Manifest a Text from Your Ex

Missing someone but haven't been in contact for a while? What if we told you, you could manifest someone to text you. Seems a little far fetched, but this is simply the law of attraction in action.

Let’s get into how this technique works so that you can manifest that special someone back into your life.

    How Does Manifestation Work?

    Manifestation is a law of attraction principle which basically states that “like attracts like”. It is the idea that you attract whatever you mentally focus on. 

    But what does this mean?

    We are all manifesting all the time, we just don’t realise it. Essentially, your thoughts determine what you attract into your life.

    For example, if you’re feeling lonely and desperate for someone to reach out, then you’re only going to attract more loneliness and desperation. That feeling you get when you’re obsessing over someone actually pushes them further away. This is the law of attraction in action. So the first step to manifest, is to work on those negative and self limiting thoughts.

    Steps to Manifest Someone To Text You

    If you feel like you’re mentally spiralling about missing this person then there’s some work to do before you can manifest their text. If “like attracts like” then you have to mentally get to a place where you feel happy, content and abundant. 

    It’s very much like the “Sperm Web Theory”. Have you ever noticed that as soon as you start becoming happy and focus your energy on something positive, somehow all of your ex flames start texting you again? When you’re happy and focusing on self care you raise your vibrational frequency.

    When you do this, you start to attract high vibrational outcomes - even a text from someone you miss.

    If you find that you're struggling with negative thoughts and are finding it hard to raise your vibrational frequency, here are some things to work on:

    1. Work On Your Limiting Beliefs

    Do you feel desirable? Do you think the person that you're trying to manifest a text from actually likes and misses you? Are you lonely? Any negative or self limiting beliefs will block your manifestation. When you're stuck in a negative thought loop, it can be hard to focus on anything else, but there are ways around it.

    It takes a little time, but working on your self-chatter is extremely important here. Here are examples of some thoughts that lower your vibration:

    • They never liked me
    • Why don’t they miss me?
    • They don’t want me
    • They’re probably hooking up with someone else
    • I feel so lonely
    • I’ll never get them back 
    • I messed the whole relationship up

    If you’re sitting around ruminating too much on the situation, you’re probably creating a lot of fake scenarios in your mind that are lowering your vibrational frequency. This will make it impossible to manifest that text. 

    Some great ways to work on these self limiting beliefs are

    2. Master the Law of Detachment

    In order to manifest that text, you first have to do a little work to detach. The law of detachment is the simple understanding that we’re not in control of other people’s actions. In order to manifest our desires we have to release ourselves from the attachment of the outcome. 

    When you work toward detaching yourself from the person you are taking steps toward bettering and healing yourself. When you are healed and feeling good, then you're sending out signals that will help you attract more good feelings. 

    Letting go of this person and focusing on self care will ultimately draw them back to you. 

    3. Become What You Desire

    This is the major key. Becoming what you desire will attract everything you’ve ever wanted to you. This will supercharge the law of attraction. 

    If you feel lonely, then this is the first challenge to tackle. When you put yourself out there and have fun then you’re aligning with high vibrational energy. Suddenly, you'll find yourself drawing more and more positive experiences into your life. When you've reached this point you're ready to manifest that text.

    How to Manifest Someone to Text You

    Now that you’ve cleared your mind and done the inner work you’re ready to manifest the text from that special someone. 

    1. Be Clear On What You Want

    Clarifying exactly what you want is an important step as it sets out a clear intention to the universe to deliver your manifestation. To receive exactly what you want you have to be precise about the details. Ask yourself:

    • Who do you want to text you?
    • What do you want them to say?
    • How would you respond?
    • What will happen after you respond to the text?

    2. Visualize them Texting You

    Now that you’re clear on what it is that you want, it’s time to visualize. This is an important step as you’re trying to match the vibrational frequency of your desire. Do this when you have some time alone:

    • Close your eyes
    • Visualize your person
    • Be very specific about this visualization: where are they, what are they doing, what time of the day is it, who are they with? Really paint a picture in your mind
    • See them click on your name and start to write the text
    • Watch them as they formulate what they’re writing to you 
    • Read along as they write this text to you and press send

    3. Feel It as If it Were True

    Now that you have visualized your person sending the text, it’s now time to focus on you. This is a continuation of the visualization process where you try to elevate your emotions to heighten your vibrational frequency. Try to channel the feeling as if the text has already been sent to you. 

    • Close your eyes
    • Visualize what your phone pinging and seeing their name on your screen
    • What are you feeling as you see their name?
    • How does your body feel?
    • Are you excited? Happy? Nervous? Do you have butterflies?
    • What is running through your head?
    • When you open the message, what are you reading?
    • How do you feel as you go to type your response?

    Connect to this feeling as deeply as you can. Let the emotions take over you and feel it as intensely as you can. You should feel a smile creep up on your face and warmth in your body. Don’t just imagine it, but believe it to be true. 

    4. Let Go 

    Once you have completed the visualization process, it’s time to let go and receive. You’ve done the work and it’s time to take a step back and let the universe deliver the goods. 

    If you sit around wondering why they haven't texted yet then you’re signalling “lack” to the universe. Remember, lack will attract more lack. This will block your manifestation.

    Take this time to focus on yourself, your goals, practice self care and let go of any expectations. It will come to you when you least expect it.

    Final Thoughts 

    The key to manifestation lies within you. When you realize that you have to do the inner work before attracting your desires you are already one step ahead.

    Working on your self limiting beliefs, attachment and matching the frequency of your desire will supercharge the law of attraction to work in your favour.

    When you couple visualization techniques with an elevated emotional frequency you are signalling to the universe that you are ready to receive. Now, all you have to do is be patient and allow for that message to come through.

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