How to Manifest with the O Method: Attract Your Desires

Are you trying to manifest a specific person; maybe it’s your ex, a new love interest, a relationship or just great sex? The O Method is a powerful law of attraction technique that taps into your sexual energy to manifest your desires.

And yes, the O does stand for orgasm. This one’s blowing up on TikTok right now and is a little NSFW; let’s get into how to use it.

    What is the O Method?

    The O Method is a law of attraction manifestation practice that uses the energy just before the peak of an orgasm to attract your desires.

    The idea is that when you're at the peak of sexual arousal you are raising your body's vibrational frequency. The not so fun part is that just before you orgasm, you have to stop. This will allow you to harness that sexual energy to manifest your desires.

    Heightening your vibrational frequency is the key to the law of attraction. The O method is kind of like a cheat code, as you're naturally raising your frequency to attract your desires.

    The O Method & Law of Attraction

    The law of attraction is the basic principle that “like attracts like”. It’s the idea that you attract whatever you focus on. We’re all using the law of attraction all of the time, we just don’t realise it. Essentially, in order to manifest your desire you have to match the positive vibrational frequency of it.

    For example, you can’t believe that “no one will ever want me” while trying to manifest your ex or a perfect partner. Remember, like attracts like, so if you believe that no one wants you; no one will.

    The major key to the law of attraction is to work on your belief systems. If you’re trying to manifest someone specific into your life, you have to truly believe that it is a possibility. This genuine belief will strengthen your vibrational frequency.

    How to Do the O Method

    In order to use the O Method correctly you need to be clear on what you want, visualize and connect to the emotional feeling of having your desire. This will heighten your vibrational frequency to attract your manifestation.

    Though you can do this with a partner, it is recommended to practice this method solo so that you can maintain focus.

    Here are some simple steps to use the O Method: 

    1. Decide What You Want

    The first step to use the O Method is to decide exactly what it is that you want. Go into detail in your mind about who it is you’re trying to manifest. Choose a special environment that you’re familiar with so that your visualization is clear. 

    2. Visualize Your Manifestation

    As you start to do the deed, begin visualizing the person that you want to manifest in the specific setting you’ve chosen. Feel this visualization as if it’s happening right now in the present.

    Connect your emotional body to the feeling of having who you want; let it overwhelm and consume you so that you’re energetically meeting that frequency. 

    You should feel energy pulsating through your body, but remember not to climax during this practice. Picture what they're wearing, what they smell like, notice details about them - really connect with the feeling that you'd have if you were with them.

    3. Try to Reach the Big O

    The idea here is that you bring yourself very close to climax, but stop right before the peak of your orgasm. This will help to harness your sexual energy and boost the signal of your manifestation. Once you have stopped, take 3 deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth.

    4. Let Go 

    Once you are done, let it go. Don’t sit around waiting for a text or a call. You’ve vibrationally aligned yourself with the frequency of your desire; the moment you start obsessing over it you’re signalling “lack” to your mind and the universe. Remember, lack will just attract more lack.

    Focusing on yourself during this time will only strengthen the manifestation.

    Why Isn't The O Method Working for Me?

    If you've attempted this method and you're not attracting your desires, this may be a sign that you have some subconscious blockages. The O Method works with the law of attraction; so in order to attract you have to meet the frequency of your desires.

    If your subconscious beliefs are filled with anxiety, self-doubt or insecurity then you're not properly meeting the frequency of your desire.

    You may need to take some time to work on all that chatter going on in your brain; to heal your personal relationship to love, sex and desire. There are many self-healing modalities that can help with this such as:

    Final Thoughts 

    The O Method is a powerful way to tap into your sexual energy. Using the energy that is built just before an orgasm can help you to reach a higher state of frequency to manifest your desires.

    If you're struggling with this method it may mean that you need to do some healing of your sacral chakra first. This will help you to tap into your sexual energy and boost the signal of your manifestation.

    If you're still reading, I guess the only thing left to do is give the O Method a try and see if it works for you.

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