What to Write in Your Manifestation Journal: 36 Prompts

So you’re trying to attract a new positive life, but don't know where to start? We explain how the law of attraction works and give you journal prompts for manifesting self love, working through self limiting beliefs, working on relationships and attracting money in abundance. 

    What are Manifestation Journal Prompts?

    Journal prompts are a series of questions that will help you to figure out what it is that you want. Answering journal prompts and putting your thoughts down on paper is a powerful way to access your subconscious mind.

    The subconscious mind is where we store all of our beliefs, assumptions, memories, desires and trauma. Taking time to write specific questions that relate to your desires allows you to identify self limiting beliefs that are buried deep in the subconscious mind. The act of writing these thoughts down physicalises your thoughts and releases any stagnant energy or emotion which can lead to healing and transformation.

    Journal Prompts & Your Shadow Self

    We all have what is known as a “shadow self” which is the culmination of all of our deepest regrets, shame, negative beliefs, trauma and desires. When we repress memories or emotions this shadow becomes darker and darker and manifests in negative thoughts and experiences. Using journal prompts will help to bring awareness to this shadow self. Once you are aware of where this self sabotaging behaviour comes from you can shift your subconscious programming and start to think more positively. This will allow you to use the law of attraction to manifest your desires.

    Journal Prompts & The Law of Attraction

    The law of attraction is the basic principle that “like attracts like''. It's the idea that you attract whatever you focus your mind on. For example, if you’re someone who is very anxious, you will attract more experiences that make you feel anxious. We’re all using the law of attraction all of the time, we just don’t realise it. 

    In order to manifest positive outcomes through journaling you first have to work on your subconscious mind and “self chatter”. How do you see yourself? What thoughts are running through your head all day? Are they positive or negative? Why? These questions will help you to unearth your subconscious programming and make positive changes to manifest with the law of attraction.

    How to Practice Journal Prompts

    The following journal prompts will question you about your history and past and then once you’ve worked through those issues will prompt you to write down your desires to manifest more positive outcomes. This can be quite an emotionally draining and confronting practice, so please ensure you are in a good headspace before practicing. 

    1. Take some time out of your day and set your phone to ‘do not disturb’ so that you can focus all of your energy on answering your prompts. 
    2. Make your environment feel as comfortable and calm as possible 
    3. Try writing with a pen and paper, this will help you to slow down and focus on the task at hand. Writing in a phone or laptop will also work.
    4. Choose the journal prompts below that resonate best with you - if there are questions that make you feel a little uncomfortable, this is a sign that it should be answered. 
    5. Answer each question in as much detail as possible - don’t hold back

    Helpful Tip:

    • Don’t share your journal with anyone - the thought of anyone reading your journal will subconsciously hold you back when you’re answering your questions - you should be as open and honest as possible without any reservation or shame.

    Journal Prompts for Manifesting Self Love

    The hard questions:

    1. What is your first memory of being loved?
    2. What was the greatest example of love that you remember when you were growing up? Was it healthy or unhealthy? How did this affect you?
    3. What is your earliest memory of feeling insecure or judged? Who made you feel this way? How did it affect you in the years to come?
    4. Describe what you think someone sees when they first meet you? What would they say about your physical appearance? Why do you think this?
    5. Describe what you think your friends and family think about you? Why do they think this? Are you happy with the way that you're perceived?
    6. Have you forgiven yourself for mistakes you made in the past? What were these mistakes and how can you show yourself more compassion?
    7. When was the last time you felt attractive, sexy and desired? Why did you feel this way? How can you feel this way again?
    8. What is the biggest lie you tell about yourself? Is this lie shared with yourself, strangers, friends or family? Why do you feel the need to lie about this?

    Manifesting positive outcomes

    1. What is something you’re proud of about yourself?
    2. What are 3 positive things that your friends would describe about you?
    3. When’s the last time you did something to make yourself feel happy? What’s something you can do once a week to practice self love?
    4. What part of your body do you appreciate?
    5. What is something you could try to make you feel better about yourself? What steps can you make to set this in motion?

    Journal Prompts for Self Limiting Beliefs

    The Hard Questions

    1. What is your first memory of failure? How did you respond to this failure? What could you have done differently?
    2. What is your biggest achievement in life? Why do you feel positive about this achievement and what steps did you take to get there? Was it hard? Was it worth it in the end?
    3. When you think of your desired life what stops you from taking action? Is it fear? Are you scared of change? Do you like routine? How can you step outside your comfort zone?
    4. What is an old belief that you managed to shift and change as you got older? How did you change your opinion and what was the result?

    Manifesting Positive Outcomes: 

    1. What is something that you truly desire but have been too afraid to go for? How can you take steps toward this goal?
    2. What’s something new that you’ve always wanted to try but have never felt comfortable doing?
    3. When you visualize your dream life what does it look like? Who have you become? What would you feel if you were living this life right now?
    4. What’s one thing you can do this week to push you out of your comfort zone? What steps will you take to achieve this?
    5. Write a list of 5 excuses that you use to avoid trying new things. Why do you make these excuses? Where does this behaviour come from?
    6. What are some beliefs about yourself that you’d like to change? Why would you like to change these beliefs? How can you go about changing them?

    Journal Prompts for Manifesting Relationships 

    The Hard Questions

    1. Who in your life has been an example of a healthy relationship? Why do you feel this way? If there isn’t anyone, what do you perceive a healthy relationship to look like?
    2. Do you feel as though you deserve love? Do you have a hard time believing that someone loves you? Why do you feel this way?
    3. When was the last time you developed an unhealthy obsession in a relationship? What did this obsession feel like and how did it impact yourself and your partner?
    4. What was the best romantic relationship that you’ve had? Why do you think that this was the best relationship? Do you paint this relationship to be better than it actually was? Why didn’t it work out?
    5. What was the most toxic relationship you’ve had? Why was it toxic? Why did you allow it to go on for so long? Have you forgiven yourself for this relationship? Have you forgiven your ex/can you? 
    6. Are you happy when you’re alone? Can you confidently say that you enjoy your own company and love yourself? If not, why not? What is so terrible about being on your own? How can you work on this?
    7. What makes you feel jealous or insecure? Is this a reflection on your partner or yourself? What can you do to work on these feelings?

    Manifesting Positive Outcomes: 

    1. Write down all of the traits in yourself that you like and dislike. What can you do to work on the things that you dislike about yourself? What does it look like when you’re the best version of yourself?
    2. Write down all of the traits you imagine in the perfect partner. While writing, visualize this person and how it would feel to be with them
    3. What kind of physical and emotional support do you need from a partner? How do you think you can ask for this in a relationship? 

    Journal Prompts for Manifesting Money

    The Hard Questions

    1. What was your relationship to money like growing up? Did you get everything that you wanted or was money hard to come by? How do you think the way that your parents handled money affected you?
    2. Did your parents ever complain about not having enough in front of you? Did they talk about money issues around you as a child? How did this affect you as an adult? Do you see similar patterns in the way that you handle money?
    3. Do you believe you deserve money? Do you speak negatively like “I’ll never make enough”, “making money is so hard”, “I don’t deserve this promotion”? Why do you speak like this? Why is money always out of reach for you?

    Manifesting Positive Outcomes: 

    1. What is a simple goal that you can reach when it comes to your money?
    2. Imagine yourself in financial abundance - your dream life. Visualize and write down how you would feel with this money, what you would do with the money, who you would be generous with. What do you look like now that you have all the money you desire?
    3. What are you currently grateful for? Can you be happy with the money that you have but still work toward building more? Gratitude in this instance can attract more abundance.
    4. What will extra money do for you? Do you really need it right now or are your ambitions stressing you out? Can you still be ambitious while being happy in the present with what you have?

    Final Thoughts 

    Using journal prompts for manifestation is a powerful way to access the subconscious mind and heal any self limiting beliefs or trauma that's stored in the mind and body. When you put pen to paper you're allowing yourself time to really delve deeply into why you act the way you do. Being able to identify your self sabotaging behaviour is an incredible way to heal and transform your life.

    Once you have worked through these issues and adopted a positive mindset, manifesting abundance in self love, relationships and money will come to you with ease, as the law of attraction does its thing.

    I fyou tried these journal prompts for manifestation, we'd love to hear from you. Contact us with your story or any questions that you might have.

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