What is Kundalini Reiki? [Explained]

Kundalini Reiki is a powerful practice often performed by a reiki master to elicit change and transformation. It's said that during the practice, the reiki master identifies blockages in the system which are released, opened and healed to lead to better mental and physical health. But how does this all work? Let's explore a little further;

    What is Kundalini Energy? 

    Kundalini is a Sanskrit term that refers to coiled up energy that resides at the base of the spine. It’s depicted as a snake and is said to be the “life force” or consciousness that we’re all born with. Your Kundalini energy lays dormant at the base of your spine or your “root chakra” but can be activated through practices like Kundalini Reiki.

    This holistic practice considers the body, mind, and spirit to be interconnected and is strongly tied to unblocking your "chakras" or energy centres. Once you begin to activate your Kundalini energy, "the snake" moves up the spine from the root chakra and exits through the crown chakra. This leads to a Kundalini awakening and is said to cleanse the body of physical, mental and emotional trauma. 

    What are the Chakras? 

    The 7 chakras are the main energy centres of your body. When activated, these energy centres stimulate the vagus nerve.

    The vagus nerve is the largest nerve in the body and is responsible for the communication from your brain stem to your major organs and regulates emotion. When the brain and nervous system are simultaneously stimulated there is the potential for the emotional release of subconscious trauma.

    This stagnant trauma is said to be stored in the 7 chakras which each have a unique location and associated emotion. For example, the heart chakra is located at the centre of the chest and is associated with love, compassion and forgiveness.

    If you’re someone that is distrustful, confrontational or has trouble accepting love, these would be signs of a ‘blocked’ heart chakra. Essentially, these blockages are stored up trauma that live in the subconscious mind. Once all of your chakras are unblocked, it will allow the energy to flow effortlessly throughout your body. 

    What is Kundalini Reiki?

    Kundalini Reiki is a form of hands-on Japanese energy healing that helps to awaken the energy centres of the chakras. The practice involves the use of energy transfer through the hands and utilises techniques like breathwork, meditation, and visualisations to connect with the chakras.

    It's generally led by a Reiki Master who will put you through 3 levels of attunement to help access certain frequencies that connect to your chakra system. Though this all seems a little bit far-fetched to many, it's often met with a visceral emotional response as the person practicing releases unresolved emotional trauma, physical ailments, old patterns and negative beliefs.

    3 Levels of Kundalini Reiki

    Level 1 Attunement

    During your first session of Kundalini Reiki you will go through a process known as attunement. This is where the Reiki Master will help to open up the Kundalini energy dormant in your body. It is preparation for a Kundalini awakening.

    The focus during this level is to open your energy at a physical level and connect to universal energy. This focus is generally on your root and sacral chakras, which are associated with safety, security, creativity and sexuality. If you are struggling with any of issues related to these emotions they will often rise to the surface.

    Each person responds differently to this level depending on how much stored trauma there is relating to these chakras. After completion of level 1 you will learn how to use basic Reiki energy healing on yourself. 

    Level 2 Activation

    Once you have become attuned you are ready to activate. This is where the Kundalini energy is gently awakened and starts to raise from the root and sacral chakra to the solar plexus chakra, heart and throat chakra.

    If you have blockages in these chakras you may be dealing with issues like lack of self-confidence, shyness, arrogance, inability to communicate, trouble accepting love and more. Generally, a daily meditation will be shared with you which you will practise to cleanse your energy. 

    Level 3 Augmentation

    You have now worked on the first 5 of your chakras and are ready to continue on with the process. This means that the Kundalini energy will widen further and go toward the last two chakras, the third eye chakra and the crown chakra.

    These chakras are related to intuition and enlightenment. At this level you are taught how to apply the Reiki energy healing to yourself and others. This is a more advanced level and can take some time to achieve. 

    Benefits of Kundalini Reiki Healing

    Proponents of Kundalini healing believe that this energy can be harnessed for physical, mental, and spiritual health. There is scientific evidence that supports the benefits of breathwork and meditative practices. For example, studies have shown that yogic breathing practices can alter brainwave patterns and help to regulate stress hormones.

    Stimulation of our parasympathetic nervous system also helps to tap into the parts of your subconscious that stores stagnant trauma. This release can lead to greater awareness and more clarity about certain issues that may have been holding you back. It can also help to improve mental clarity and focus, and can even help to reduce stress and anxiety levels.

    Breathwork has been shown to improve cardiovascular health, and can also help to promote a sense of calmness and relaxation.

    Final Thoughts

    While more research is needed to understand the full effects of kundalini healing, there is evidence that it may offer some people a way to improve their overall health and wellbeing. If you're planning to see a Kundalini Reiki practitioner, please ensure that it is a safe space and that the Masters are properly trained.

    If you're looking to unblock your chakras but don't have time to see a Reiki Master, then you can practice techniques like meditation, breathwork or yoga to achieve a Kundalini Awakening.

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