Sadhguru's Net Worth [2024]

So you’ve just discovered Sadhguru’s teachings from a podcast or a book and now you’re wondering how much he’s worth? We explore who Sadhguru is, what he does for a living and why he makes so much money. 

    Who is Sadhguru?

    Sadhguru is one of the world’s most recognisable spiritual teachers. Born, Jaggi Vasdev, Sadhguru is an Indian mystic, yogi and author. He started out in business but states that he had a profound spiritual experience when he was 25 and turned his life to spiritual practice. This was essentially the birth of a new life for Sadghuru who spent his next few years traveling through India and deepening his understanding of meditation and spirituality. 

    What does Sadhguru do?

    Sadhguru teaches spirituality through mindfulness, yoga and meditation. His primary philosophy centres around the importance of self awareness and inner transformation which he states are the key to personal growth and fulfillment. Unlike traditional yogis, Sadhguru’s teaching a combination of traditional yogic practices and modern science.

    He founded the non-profit Isha Foundation, which is a program that supports yoga and other social initiatives. This foundation has grown rapidly and is now worldwide. Through his fame and success Sadghuru travels the world being interviewed on numerous podcasts, TV shows and documentaries. He’s also authored several books including, "Inner Engineering: A Yogi's Guide to Joy," which has become a bestseller.

    What is Sadhguru's net worth?

    According to an aggregate of various sources, Sadhguru's net worth is estimated to be around $25 million as of 2024.

    How does Sadhguru make his money?

    Sadhguru's income comes from various sources, including:

    • Book sales: he earns royalties from book sales. Sadghuru has a number of best selling books which have been translated into various languages. 
    • Speaking engagements: you’ve probably seen him do the podcast circuit but Sadghuru also sells out stadiums, is invited to do lectures and interview for TV and documentaries. His fese are apparently pretty staggering with recent engagements that he's been involved in including the World Economic Forum for the UN
    • Isha Foundation: Sadghuru founded the Isha Foundation. Although a non-profit, he receives an income from the organization which has a substantial following from various funding sources. Some of the Isha Foundation's notable programs include Inner Engineering, Hata Yoga, and Isha Kriya.
    • Investments: he was once a businessman so Sadhguru knows how to invest his money. He has investments in real estate, business and is the proud owner of a fleet of vehicles. He also has a notable ownership of land and property in India. 

    Final Thoughts

    He’s the man that can do it all apparently, with a net worth of over $25 million, not only does Sadhguru change lives, he’s making money doing it. His work with the Isha Foundation has impacted millions of people and his message is an important one.

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