The Spiritual Bank Method & How to Use It

If you’re privy to spiritual TikTok or Twitter then you may have heard the “spiritual bank method" flying around recently, but what exactly is it? The spiritual bank method is a great way to create alignment and balance on your spiritual journey. Let's explore what it is and how to use it a little further;

    What is a Spiritual Bank?

    A spiritual bank is a metaphor that helps you physicalise the spiritual energy that you’re spending throughout the day. For example, how much energy have you wasted being negative today? How much have you saved through self-care? We live in a society that places value on money, business success and possessions above all else.  While these can be important, we rarely stop to think and reflect on how we’re feeling and how we are reacting to the world around us. We've been taught our whole lives to value external factors, but what about the internal?

    The Spiritual Bank Method

    The spiritual bank method is a great modality to add to your spiritual handbook. It'll assist you in becoming more conscious of how much energy you're using up in a day. By thinking of it in a more literal way, you'll become more aware of where you’d like to spend your energy and where you’d like to save it, just like you would with digital money in a bank account. You might stop and ask yourself, “is being angry at this small inconvenience really worth the spiritual withdrawal?” 

    Spiritual Bank Account Example

    If you're operating from a low frequency you're leaking and depleting your spiritual bank account. Every negative emotion and interaction that you have throughout your day is yet another withdrawal from your spiritual bank. Think about it this way, Person A and Person B are living out the exact same day. Person A lives in a state of complete unawareness, they sit in traffic yelling and screaming at drivers, constantly checking the time and are frustrated and exhausted by the time they reach their destination. Person B lives in a more abundant and aware state, they don't want to waste any energy on such a meaningless interaction. They understand that no matter how bad the traffic is, that they will reach their destination, they ignore the angry drivers and continue on their journey unbothered (I think most of us probably know someone who acts like Person A and another who acts like Person B). 

    Although they both lived through the exact same situation, the response and the energy output were completely different. Person A has depleted 30% of their spiritual savings for the day, they will continue their day in a huff, which will continue to ruin the rest of their day. Person B wasn’t at all phased by their morning commute, they withdrew 0% from their Spiritual Bank and will start their day with much more energy to tackle their daily tasks. This will leave room for Person B to face other challenges with a clear mind. 

    Making Deposits to your Spiritual Bank

    Now to the positive side of the spiritual bank, how many deposits are you making in a day? What have you done today to feed your spiritual energy? Have you gone for a walk, meditated, smiled, had a great conversation, felt grateful, watched your favourite show, exercised, accomplished a task, eaten your favourite meal, had a little fun? This will be measured differently by each individual, but is equally important for everyone. When you're vibrating at a high frequency you attract higher frequency energy which will have the flow on effect of a more positive and fulfilling experience. 

    How Do I Start Using My Spiritual Bank?

    Every action you take can be directly correlated to your spiritual bank, it’s up to you whether you want to make deposits or take withdrawals. If you would like to treat your spiritual bank more literally you can write a certain amount down in your phone or a book, for example $100 and take down how much you've deposited or withdrawn based on your daily experience. If you have less than $100 at the end of the day, reflect a little, think about how you might do things differently tomorrow. Every micro-adjustment counts, every time you become more aware of something that doesn't serve you the quicker you can break the habit. Try this for a week and reflect on ways that you can make improvements. The more you become aware of this give and take, the more you nourish your spirit and operate with higher energy reserves.

    Final Thoughts

    Having a greater awareness of your subconscious thoughts and reactions to the external world is extremely important to your mental, physical and spiritual health. Using the spiritual bank method is a great way to keep tabs on how you're feeling and how you're responding to challenges everyday. If you're struggling with emotions or subconscious blockages that are difficult to work through, then adding other modalities like breathwork, meditation, affirmations or chakra cleansing will help to work through some of your emotional baggage. These method will all help you to find more alignment and balance in your life. When you're ready, give this method a go for one week and see how it makes you feel.
    Let us know about your spiritual bank journey, if you've tried out this method, we'd love to hear your story! Contact us here or DM us on Instagram to let us know or if you have any questions.

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