Strict Babe 101: Best Rules For Dating

Let's be real, dating in 2023 is a nightmare. We all know it - and sometimes we're settling for less. Being a 'strict babe' isn't just a choice; it's a necessity for self-respect and true connection. Welcome to "Strict Babe 101," where we're setting new standards for ourselves. Strict Babe 101 went viral on Twitter and is making its way to TikTok, so we brought you the best rules for dating according to Twitter.

    What is Strict Babe 101?

    Okay babes, it's time to get strict. No more settling for half-ass*d dates, ghosting or giving too much. Strict Babe 101 is about knowing your worth, setting clear boundaries, and navigating relationships with confidence and self-respect.

    It's not about games or pretense; it's about being honest with yourself and others about what you want and expect in a relationship.

    Communication in 2023 dating has gotten weird - situationships are a thing; not for strict babes though. By adopting the Strict Babe 101 mindset, you're making a commitment to yourself to not settle for less, to recognize and avoid red flags, and to prioritize your emotional well-being.

    Strict Babe 101 Rules

    Rule 1: Don't Ask for Closure

    Rule (Tweet): Don’t ask for closure (@lolaah__)

    Explanation: Waiting for someone else to give you closure is like waiting for a bus that never shows up. You've got places to be, emotionally speaking. Finding closure on your own terms is about recognizing that your peace of mind and moving forward is entirely in your hands.

    Rule 2: Don't Accept Bullsh*t

    Rule (Tweet): Don't let the urge of wanting to be a with them make you accept bullshit.

    Explanation: Desperation is a no-go. Wanting a relationship is fine, but not at the cost of your self-respect. It's better to be single than to tolerate nonsense just for the sake of being in a relationship. Know your worth and don't settle for less.

    Rule 3: If He Wants to, He Will

    Rule (Tweet): If he wants to, he will. If he wanted to, he would've.

    Explanation: This is about cutting through the maybe's and the what-if's. If someone is genuinely interested, they'll make it known through their actions. It's a reminder not to waste time on someone who's not making you a priority. Actions are louder than words.

    Rule 4: Never Show How Cold Your Heart Can Get

    Rule (Tweet): Never put me in a situation where I can show you how cold my heart gets.

    Explanation: It's about self-preservation. This rule means you don't let things escalate to a point where you lose your warmth and kindness. Strict Babe 101 is about maintaining your composure and not allowing yourself to be dragged into negative dynamics.

    Rule 5: One Chance for Respect

    Rule: Don’t give someone multiple chances to disrespect you. Once is enough! (@ple_xuss)

    Explanation: Respect is non-negotiable. When someone disrespects you, it's a clear signal of what's to come if you let it slide. Giving multiple chances for the same offense often leads to a cycle of disrespect. It's vital to set a standard where disrespect is met with consequences, and one chance is all it takes to decide whether someone is worth your time and energy. This rule is about self-preservation and maintaining your dignity in relationships.

    Rule 6: Leave at the First Red Flag

    Rule: Exit the moment you spot a red flag. (@oKen_Ishii)

    Explanation: Trust your instincts. If something feels off, it probably is. Strict Babe 101 is about not ignoring those early warning signs. Whether it's disrespect, inconsistency, or anything else that doesn't sit right with you, it's better to walk away early than to deal with bigger issues later.

    Rule 7: Don't Compare Me to Your Exes

    Rule: Never put me in the same subject with the girls you have dated before. (@sharon_oti)

    Explanation: You are not a repeat episode of someone's past relationships. Strict Babe 101 stresses the importance of being seen and appreciated for who you are, not through the lens of someone's dating history. This rule is about expecting and receiving the respect of being treated as an individual.

    Rule 8: Relationships Aren't Everything

    Rule: Relationships aren't permanent and should never be all-consuming. (@fritzvoneric)

    Explanation: Your life is a big, beautiful canvas, and a relationship is just one part of it. Strict Babe 101 reminds you that while relationships are important, they shouldn't overshadow everything else in your life. Balance is key.

    Rule 9: Honesty Is Non-Negotiable

    Rule: Don't lie/keep anything from me. (@_ndunge_)

    Explanation: Transparency and trust are the backbones of any healthy relationship. Strict Babe 101 insists on complete honesty. Lies, even small ones, can crack the foundation of trust and respect in a relationship.

    Rule 10: Know When Understanding Becomes Tolerance of Disrespect

    Rule: Be aware when 'being understanding' crosses into tolerating disrespect.

    Explanation: It's great to be understanding in a relationship, but there's a fine line where it can turn into excusing bad behavior. Strict Babe 101 is about recognizing when someone is knowingly being disrespectful and calling it out. Love is about mutual respect, and it's important to remember that it should come with the condition of being treated well. Don't let your empathy become a gateway to accepting less than you deserve.

    Rule 11: Be Your Standards

    Rule: Don’t just "have" standards, literally BE the standards. (@niahstratt)

    Explanation: It's one thing to list your standards and another to live by them. This rule emphasizes the importance of embodying the values and expectations you set in your relationships. It's about practicing what you preach and being a living example of the respect, honesty, and integrity you demand from others. When you are the embodiment of your standards, you naturally attract people who align with them and set a clear precedent for what you will and won't tolerate. This approach ensures that your relationships are built on mutual respect and shared values.

    Rule 12: Self-Respect Over Feelings

    Rule: Your self-respect has to be stronger than your feelings.

    Explanation: Feelings can be intense, often leading us down paths that might not be best for us in the long run. This rule stresses the importance of valuing your self-respect above the whirlwind of emotions you might experience. It's about making decisions that honor your dignity and self-worth, even when your feelings are pulling you in a different direction. Upholding your self-respect, especially in challenging emotional situations, ensures that you maintain healthy boundaries and make choices that are beneficial for your overall well-being.

    Rule 13: Let Go of the Need to Be Likable

    Rule: Let go of the idea that you have to be likable. Put your foot down. (@ThembekileT)

    Explanation: It's a common trap to prioritize being liked over being true to yourself, especially in relationships. This rule is a reminder that your worth isn't determined by how much others like you. It encourages you to stand firm in your beliefs and choices, even if it means going against the grain or disappointing others. Prioritizing authenticity over likability empowers you to make decisions that are in line with your values and integrity. It's about finding strength in your convictions and understanding that it's okay not to please everyone.

    Rule 14: Absence, Not Aggression

    Rule: Your absence is worse than any consequence. Don’t go busting windows and fighting, just LEAVE. (@_MarthVader__)

    Explanation: Sometimes, the strongest statement you can make is to simply walk away. This rule highlights the power of your absence as a response to unacceptable behavior or situations. It's a call to choose dignity and self-control over reactive aggression. Rather than resorting to dramatic confrontations or actions you might regret, choosing to remove yourself from toxic situations speaks volumes. It shows that you value yourself enough to not engage in destructive behavior and that your peace and well-being are your top priorities.

    Rule 15: Quietly Bounce

    Rule: Don’t let a man tell you more than once that he’s not it. Quietly bounce. (@Ndlovek91830977)

    Explanation: If someone is explicitly or implicitly showing you they're not right for you, take their word for it the first time. This rule underlines the importance of not ignoring or rationalizing away clear indications that someone isn't a good match. There's no need for dramatic exits or confrontations. Instead, respect yourself and the situation enough to gracefully exit. Recognizing when to walk away, without fanfare or attempts to change their mind, is a powerful form of self-respect and self-care.

    Rule 16: If It's Not a Hell Yes, Then It's a Hell No

    Rule: If it's not a hell yes, then it's a mf no for me dawg. (@gabbstaaah)

    Explanation: Be enthusiastic about your choices, especially in love. If you're not feeling a strong, positive response about someone or something in your relationship, it's probably a sign that it's not right for you. Strict Babe 101 encourages you to pursue what genuinely excites and fulfills you.

    Final Say

    Embracing the Strict Babe 101 mindset is about rewriting the rules of modern dating on your terms. It's a declaration that you're not here for the games, the uncertainty, or the drama. These rules aren't just guidelines; they're a manifesto for self-respect, clear boundaries, and healthy relationships.

    Remember, being a 'strict babe' doesn't mean you're inflexible or demanding. It means you know your worth and refuse to settle for anything less than you deserve. It's about fostering relationships that uplift you, respecting both yourself and your partner, and never losing sight of your individuality.

    In a world where dating can sometimes feel like navigating a labyrinth, these rules are your compass. They help you stay true to your values, listen to your intuition, and make empowered choices. Whether you're swiping right, going on first dates, or in a long-term relationship, remember that you deserve honesty, respect, and genuine love.

    Ultimately, Strict Babe 101 is more than just a set of rules for dating. It's a way of living that celebrates your strength, your independence, and your right to choose what makes you truly happy. Go forth with confidence, babes, and create the love story you deserve.

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