The Lamp Story Explained [TikTok Trend]

So, you've seen the Lamp Story on TikTok and now you're trying to figure out what it is. Well it's a story that was first shared on a Reddit thread by an anonymous user.

What is the Lamp Story?

The "Lamp Story" has been going viral from an old reddit thread. In the TikToks you see someone living their normal lives and then seeing a lamp that looks out of place.

This is in reference to the Reddit story where a man who was a college football athelete who got knocked unconscious and lived an alternate life that felt like it went for years.

In the story he goes on to say, while he was living this alternate life with a wife, kids and a few years that passed he noticed a lamp in his house that seemed out of place. He then became obsessed with the lamp.

He couldn't eat or sleep, his wife was worried and moved the kids, but he couldn't look away from the lamp. It then hit him that the lamp wasn't real. The last 10 years of his life weren't real.

Trippy right...

The lamp started to grow wider and deeper until all he could see was red; then he started hearing voices, screams and all kinds of weird noises... then pain, lots of it.

He was lifted by a cop and taken to hospital.

The poor guy suffered from depression for 3 years grieving the loss of his family in that 10 year period that he perceived whilst being unconscious.

What do you think happened?

Here's the Reddit thread if you want to read the full story.

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