Tinkerbell Effect Manifestation: Everything You Need to Know

Can you manifest and shift your reality with the Tinker Bell Effect?

The Tinker Bell effect is the idea that the more that you believe in something, the more it becomes your reality. It’s a powerful manifestation technique that uses the law of assumption to alter your reality. We explain how to use the Tinker Bell Effect to attract anything you desire.

    What is the Tinker Bell Effect?

    We’re all familiar with Peter Pan, right? If you remember it well, then you’ll know that when Tinker Bell’s light begins to flicker and dim, she begins to die. The only hope for her survival is that an audience who believes in fairies applauds her.

    When they prove that they believe in fairies through this applause, Tinker Bell flickers back to life. This is where the Tinker Bell effect gets its name. It's the theory that the more people believe in something, the more it becomes our reality.

    So, if all you have to do is believe in something for it to manifest, then why isn’t it working for you? In order to change the outside world, you first have to conquer the inner workings of your subconscious mind. Let's explain further.

    Why isn’t the Tinker Bell Effect Working for Me?

    Not all of your beliefs are conscious.

    The subconscious mind plays a huge role in your systems of belief. It’s the part of the brain that works without us having to consciously use it. It’s like when you’re typing on a keyboard, you’re not really thinking about where the letters are, they’re already programmed into the subconscious.

    You just throw your fingers around and they land in the right spot, that’s the subconscious mind doing its thing. The subconscious mind also happens to store all of your past experiences, trauma, memories and belief systems.

    These subconscious beliefs skew your assumptions about yourself and the world without you even knowing it. 

    Working on Your Assumptions

    We start to develop our subconscious beliefs between the ages of 0-7 years old. During this time, both hemispheres of our brain are firing, as we absorb all of the information we observe from our families, friends, society, schooling and environment like a sponge.

    Through this conditioning we begin to develop our “personal identity” or "Ego" which is rooted in belief. By the time we’re 8 years old our belief systems are deeply ingrained in the subconscious mind which will follow us into adulthood without us even realising.

    In order for the Tinker Bell effect to truly manifest your desires you have to do away with any negative belief systems stored in the subconscious mind. 

    Subconscious Assumption Example

    Person A grew up with a mother who was very insecure. Although she never commented on Person A’s appearance, she was constantly looking in the mirror, fussing over herself and worried about what others thought about her.

    When it came to dinner time Person A’s mother would speak about her diet and measure her food, “oh, I ate too much” she’d say with a look of guilt on her face. By observing their mother’s behaviour Person A grew up with the belief that the way you look determines your happiness.

    As an adult, Person A struggles with their self-esteem, confidence and is generally quite shy and withdrawn.

    This all goes to the subconscious programming that Persona A learnt from their mother between 0-7 years old. Person A has never really questioned their self-limiting beliefs, they just think its “always been my personality”. This isn’t the case.

    These belief systems seep into every decision that they make as an adult. If Person A tries to use the Tinker Bell effect to manifest their desires, their subconscious mind will continue to reiterate that they’re insecure, not worthy, not good enough which will create doubt and block the manifestation from materialising.

    “All you can possibly need or desire is already yours. Call your desires into being by imagining and feeling your wish fulfilled.” Neville Goddard

    Shifting Your Subconscious Assumptions 

    In order to use the Tinker Bell effect you first have to work on shifting your subconscious beliefs. You can’t simply just think “I believe ‘x’” and expect it to manifest. You have to sincerely match the vibrational frequency of that belief.

    Your thoughts and beliefs are like an energetic field, negative beliefs resonate at a low vibration and positive ones at a high vibration. The more negative thoughts that you think, the more negative experiences you attract and vice versa.

    This goes to the core of the law of attraction, which states that "like attracts like". If you have any self-limiting beliefs or doubts then the Tinker Bell effect simply won’t work for you.

    There are many modalities that can be practiced to clear negative and harmful belief systems, these include; breathwork, meditation, unblocking your chakras, working on your greater awareness, therapy and using affirmations. This may take some time, practice and perseverance but will ultimately be transformational.

    It generally takes around 30 days of practice to feel any shifts in your subconscious programming. Once you've worked through your negative beliefs and are vibrating at a high emotional frequency you’re ready to use the Tinker Bell Effect. 

    How to Manifest with the Tinker Bell Effect

    1. Decide What You Want

    Clarity on what it is that you want is very powerful. Try to choose just one desire to start. You might have a general idea of what it is you want, so try to get specific and narrow it down; what do you actually want, what are the steps to get there, why would this desire benefit you, why do you want it? Once you’ve made a definitive decision you will begin to create new neural pathways in the subconscious mind.

    Write down your decision in as much detail as you can. Be very specific and add as much detail as you can, so that you can envision every detail clearly in your mind. This will help you to match the vibrational frequency of having your desire in the next steps. 

    2. Commit To Your Decision

    Now that you’ve made the decision about what you’d like to manifest, commit to it. If you hear any negative subconscious chatter like; “this won’t work”, “good things never happen to me” or “I never get what I want”, then your self-limiting beliefs will block your manifestation.

    It’s not just about making the decision, it’s about genuinely believing that it will happen with no doubt. This will be difficult at first and requires practice. As mentioned, if you’re struggling with negative subconscious thoughts then revisit techniques like breathwork, meditation, chakra work and affirmations to promote your belief further. 

    3. Immerse Yourself in the Feeling of Your Desire 

    Now that you’ve made your decision and committed to it you have to immerse yourself in the feeling of having your desire.

    Sit in a quiet space and use your imagination to create a vivid picture of what you desire. Imagine that the desire has already come true; what do you feel, how do you look, what does your life look like, who is around you, who have you become?

    Feel everything as if it is already true and feel it as deeply as possible. You should feel warmth in your body, perhaps around the heart, you might even notice a smile start to develop on your face, this will help to vibrationally align you with that feeling. Sit in this feeling for as long as you can. You are shifting your internal feelings by raising your vibration to the level of your desire now.

    This will send signals to the subconscious mind and alter the brain’s chemistry to believe your manifestation to be true. 

    4. Assume it to be True 

    Now that you’ve made your decision, committed to it, visualised and immersed yourself in the feeling of having your desire you will be vibrationally aligned with your belief. Believe that your manifestation is true and let go.

    You have created a new map and belief system for your subconscious mind. The internal shifts that you have cultivated will begin to be projected in your physical reality. Do not sit and think about why your manifestation hasn’t come to fruition, this is signalling to the brain that it is indeed “not true”, that you don’t actually believe that it has happened.

    The more you think about why it hasn't happened, the more you are signalling "lack" to your brain. This will block your manifestation.

    Simply let go and be patient. If at any point you feel doubt or fear creep up on you then return to working on reprogramming your subconscious thoughts and try again once you’re ready. 

    Final Thoughts 

    Our brains are constantly making assumptions based on our deeply ingrained belief systems. These belief systems form the foundation for all of our decisions and actions without us really being aware of it.

    The Tinker Bell effect requires us to work through these belief systems so that when we manifest, we do so with clear intention and unshakeable belief. Any doubt or self-limiting beliefs will sabotage your manifestation.

    Once you’ve worked through all of your negative subconscious beliefs you’re ready to use the Tinker Bell effect. Following the 4 tips above will help you to vibrationally align your desire with your subconscious thoughts. Now, the only thing left to do is try it and see if it works for you!

    We’d love to hear your Tinker Bell manifestation stories! Contact us, if you have anything to share or have any questions. 

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