How to Heal a Disorganized Attachment Style





You crave love deeply but when it comes, you self sabotage, you enjoy your independence but long for intimacy, you get close and then pull away, you question whether you’ll ever know what you truly want; sound familiar? 

This is probably a sign that you have an disorganized attachment style and that's okay. You're not stuck with your attachment style and How to Heal a Disorganized Attachment Style is here to help. 

You’ve probably never tried a journal quite like this before so here’s what to expect:

Together, we'll deep dive your disorganized attachment style, work together to change your self concept, learn about the mind blowing power of your subconscious mind, teach you techniques to rewire the mind, learn to let go with the law of detachment exercises, release past trauma with shadow work journaling and use neuroscience to visualize and plan for your desired future.

What’s Inside

  • 150+ Journal Prompts & Exercises
  • Insights into Understanding and Healing Disorganized Attachment.
  • Changing Your Self Concept
  • Techniques to Rewire Your Subconscious Mind
  • Strategies to Quiet the Mind
  • Neuroscience & Tools to Visualize and Manifest a Brighter Future.

Think of this journal like a trusty friend who’s great at listening and has some cool insights that you've never thought of before.

Your Shadow Work Journal Prompt Chapters

  1. Childhood Reflection
  2. Self Perception & Self Worth
  3. Fear & Defence Mechanisms 
  4. Dating, Sex & Relationships
  5. Focusing on Personal Growth
  6. Envisioning the Future 


✨Become more self aware

✨Learn to set boundaries

✨Let go with the law of detachment

✨Feel secure in relationships

✨Become the best version of you