The No Contact Journal





Okay, so we’re going no contact *sigh*.

It feels pretty devastating at first, but we’re guessing you need this. You wouldn’t be here if the situation you were in was good for you.

Just think about how powerful that is - you’re choosing change, you’re choosing you.

You’re actively trying to move on and The No Contact Journal is going to help you through your next steps.

This is your time to disconnect and figure out what you want. It also gives your ex some time to think about whether they really want to commit. And you shouldn’t accept anything less.

Here’s what to expect with The No Contact Journal:

We’ll help you to understand why going no contact is the key to getting what you truly deserve. We’ll do some exercises on self concept, work to rewire your subconscious mind to help you move on, practice the law detachment and do a 30 day no contact journal with a morning and evening check in and journal prompts. 

The No Contact Journal journey will start with grieving and reflecting on the relationship and as you progress will shift to focusing on personal growth and envisioning your future. We’ll use neuroscience and psychology to help you heal and become the best version of you.

Inside The No Contact Journal

  • Daily Journal Prompts: Engage with prompts that will encourage you to express and understand your deepest emotions.
  • Self-Discovery Tools: Unearth the layers of your thoughts and feelings, learning how your inner narrative shapes your healing.
  • Practical Techniques: Discover daily practices, such as affirmations and mindful reflections, to aid in rewiring your thought process.
  • Emotional Support: This journal stands as a compassionate friend, offering a secure place for all your heartfelt reflections.
  • Your Companion in Healing: Imagine this journal as a close friend who listens without judgment and offers gentle guidance. It's here to help you uncover the stories of your past and build a stronger, more insightful you.

What’s Included

  • 30 Days of Reflective Journaling
  • Techniques to Shift Your Subconscious
  • Strategies to Quiet Your Inner Turmoil
  • Insights on Healing from Heartbreak
  • A Pathway to a More Empowered Self