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How to Do Rebirthing Breathwork Therapy [Explained]

We explain how to do rebirthing breathwork - a holistic therapeutic technique that can lead to emotional detox, healing and transformation.

How to Do Couples Breathwork Exercises

Reignite your flame with couples breathwork. These exercises can lead to emotional healing, transformation and intense tantric intimacy.

What is Transformational Breathing? [Explained]

Transformational Breath is a powerful technique that unearths past trauma, heals negative emotions and boosts your immune system. Find out how to practice.

How to Do Breathwork to Release Trauma

This breathwork technique stimulates the body, brain and subconscious mind leading to powerful trauma and emotional release, healing and transformation

Benefits, Effects & Dangers of Shamanic Breathwork

Shamanic breathwork is a powerful spiritual technique which can help to unearth subconscious trauma and reach altered states of consciousness.

Breathwork for Anxiety [Step by Step]

Pranayama meditation is a powerful breathwork technique that can help alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, sleep apnea and stammering and has many other health benefits

Holotropic Breathwork: Is it Dangerous to Practice?

Holotropic breathwork is an intense form of breathwork therapy for personal growth and spiritual exploration. Here is a guide to holotropic breathwork and some warnings about potential dangers.