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No Borax, No Glue TikTok Trend [Explained]

The "No Borax No Glue" trend on TikTok as an analogy for dating—if you don't have the borax you can't make the glue, same as with relationships, we explain the trend.

The Bus Theory in Dating [TikTok Trend]

Explore the Bus Theory in dating, a TikTok trend offering a fresh perspective on relationships. Learn patience and find love without the anxiety of 'chasing the bus'.

The Halo Effect Concept [Explained]

Explore the Halo Effect concept explained with practical examples, especially its impact in the workplace. Understand how this cognitive bias shapes our perceptions and decisions.

Shower Method Manifestation [TikTok Trend]

Discover the Shower Method Manifestation, a TikTok technique rooted in the Law of Assumption for transforming your shower into a powerful manifestation ritual.

How Long to Go No Contact After a Breakup

Explore how long the no contact rule should last for healing after a breakup. Learn from TikTok trends if this method really works for emotional recovery.

21 Funny Spiritual Memes (2024)

We scoured the internet for the 21 funniest spiritual memes. If you're going through a spiritual awakening you'll definitely have a laugh at these.

Andrew Huberman's Net Worth [2024]

Andrew Huberman is a neurobiologist who has risen to fame through his podcast and social media. His projected net worth in 2023 is $5 million