No Borax, No Glue TikTok Trend [Explained]

Okay, you're on TikTok and you're confused about the no borax, no glue trend situation. We got you.

This trend refers back to the slime making era, where people would try to Google and YouTube how to make slime without borax or glue - the answer is you can't. The no borax, no glue trend is essentially an analogy that if you don't have the ingredients for something, you can't make it.

This is being used to describe people who are dating emotionally unavailable people or someone who doesn't fulfil them or tick their boxes.

Basically, dating without the essentials is like trying to make that slime without borax and glue. That you can't force something that doesn't exist. That going no contact is the best way to end a situation where they're not meeting your needs. No borax, no glue, no date, no contact.

No more settling babes.

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