About Us

Eye Mind Spirit delves into breathwork, chakras, manifesting, pop culture trends, neuroscience and more. We wanted to create a space for seasoned spiritual explorers and curious beginners. Most of our team found spirituality later in life, so we know what it's like to be skeptical. Once you start to learn a little more, practice a little and feel the positive effects on your mental and physical health, you'll start to understand why spiritual people just seem more happy and free.

If you're just getting started on your journey feel free to contact us with any questions, we’re here to support and learn with you. If you are a seasoned practitioner let us know what other topics you would like us to explore. We would like to acknowledge the ancient and indigenous traditions and practices that have helped to enlighten us, we're grateful.

Our Amazing Writers

Our amazing writers who are sharing their insights as they embark on their personal journeys. Delving into the perspectives of all of the brilliant minds who have shared their knowledge for thousands of years before us.

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Vanessa Eshaya

My background is in law and journalism. As a lawyer I was stressed out and struggling through life. I discovered spirituality through meditation and breathwork in my late 20s. This changed my life and I wanted a space to share some of the lessons I've learnt on my journey, so here we are.

Katherine Akbari

Just a journalist who fell into spiritual practice by accident. I wanted to share the lessons I've learnt in a cool place and write in a way that appeals to all generations. I cover all things spirituality with a special interest in pop culture trends.

Ben Ortega

I went into the field of neuroscience not realising the profound connection between science, spirituality and ancient tradition. I share some fascinating connections between science and spirituality that will hopefully shift your perspective on what it means to be spiritual.

Pauline Walters

I am a meditation coach and practitioner who gets to spend their day transforming people's lives. I have a special interest in meditation, yoga and the chakras. I've seen countless lives changed through these practices and I intend to see some more!