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The Anxious Attachment Style Book

Discover the Anxious Attachment Style Book, a journal and workbook designed to help you understand, change, and fix anxious attachment patterns for healthier relationships.

How to Heal an Anxious Attachment Style Workbook & Journal

Transform your anxious attachment style with our workbook & journal, using psychology, neuroscience, and practical exercises for deep emotional healing and personal growth.

Best Meditation Retreats in Los Angeles

Explore the best meditation retreats in Los Angeles for spiritual growth and self-care. Embark on a transformative personal journey in serene, rejuvenating settings.

How to Fix an Anxious Attachment Style

Discover how to fix an anxious attachment style, understand its root cause, recognize the signs, and heal with our guided journal approach.

5 Best Meditation Retreats in Sri Lanka

Explore the best meditation retreats in Sri Lanka, offering transformative yoga, Ayurveda, and spiritual growth in serene, picturesque settings.

Strict Babe 101: Best Rules For Dating

Explore Strict Babe 101, the trending rules for dating on Twitter and TikTok. Embrace confidence, set boundaries, and redefine modern relationships.

Polyvagal Theory and Attachment Styles

Unlock emotional healing through Polyvagal Theory, attachment styles, and the vagus nerve to transform your life with our Self Therapy Journals

How It Feels to Have a Disorganized Attachment Style

Explore disorganized attachment signs and feelings. Learn to heal and foster healthier relationships through our targeted self-therapy journal.

What are Winnicott's Theories?

Delve into Donald Winnicott's groundbreaking theories on human development, focusing on concepts like the true and false self for emotional well-being.

Best Yoga Retreats in Thailand [2024]

We've curated a list of the best yoga retreats in Thailand 2023, with luxury and affordable options, these wellness retreats are a sanctuary for healing.

How Self Therapy Journaling Heals Anxious Attachment Style

Self therapy journaling can help you to heal an anxious attachment style through prompts designed to heal past trauma.

Why Opening Your Hips Releases Trauma

The hips tend to 'store' emotional tension or trauma. Opening them with yoga and meditation practices can help you to release and heal from trauma

How to Manifest with the Fairytale Method: Law of Assumption

The fairytale method is a powerful law of assumption technique that uses storytelling journaling to manifest your desires. 

Best Shadow Work Prompts for Anger

If you struggle with controlling your anger, journaling with shadow work prompts can help to identify and heal the trauma from your childhood.

Shadow Work Prompts for Beginners [How to]

Shadow work prompt journalling will help you to access the subconscious mind and unearth repressed emotions and trauma

How to Do Breathwork to Release Trauma

This breathwork technique stimulates the body, brain and subconscious mind leading to powerful trauma and emotional release, healing and transformation

Differences between the Law of Attraction & Law of Assumption

We explain the differences between the law of attraction and the law of assumption and how you can use these techniques together to manifest your best life

Best Breathwork Techniques for Anxiety

We explain the best breathwork techniques for anxiety, how to use them and why they help to reduce anxiety and heal your symptoms over time

How to Use the Law of Assumption & Why it Works

We explain what the law of assumption is, why it works and how to use it with 4 easy tips to start manifesting everything you desire

List of Solfeggio Frequencies For the 7 Chakras

Solfeggio frequencies awaken the chakras and help to heal trauma through sonic vibrations that match the vibrations of the earth and tap into the subconscious mind.

Law of Attraction and the Chakras

What is the connection between the law of attraction and the chakras? Find out why unblocking and clearing your chakras can lead to powerful manifestation.

Breathwork for Anxiety [Step by Step]

Pranayama meditation is a powerful breathwork technique that can help alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, sleep apnea and stammering and has many other health benefits