How to Manifest with the Fairytale Method: Law of Assumption

Okay, so you’ve heard about the Fairytale Method (probably on TikTok) and now you want to try it. Great thinking, this could be a step towards complete transformation. The fairytale method is a powerful law of assumption technique that uses storytelling scripting to manifest your desires. 

It's not just about day-dreaming though, there's a lot more to it. It's about believing and manifesting those dreams into reality with a specific technique. Let’s get into how it works and how to practice. 

    What is the Fairytale Method 

    In the realm of manifestation, everything is possible - even your fairytale life. If you know about the law of attraction you know that your thoughts draw your experiences towards you. For example if you’re focusing on the negatives of a situation, you will attract a negative experience and vice versa.

    The Fairytale Method takes this a step further with the law of assumption which is the idea that not only do you attract, but whatever you “assume” will become your reality. 

    How Does the Fairytale Method Work? 

    Think of your brain as a projector, not just a receiver. The images and narratives you "play" on this projector become your reality, much like a cinematic fairytale. 

    In neuroscience, this phenomenon is linked with neuroplasticity, which is the brain's ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life. 

    Your assumptions—your thoughts and beliefs—can actually rewire your brain and, consequently, shape your reality.

    How to Do the Fairytale Method 

    Here’s the thing, the Fairytale Method is made for you to think BIG. Don’t hold back when using this method; envision the life you want as if it was a fairytale - write it out exactly as you want it to be; don’t hold back and don’t doubt what you can have. Anything is possible with this method, it’s your dream life - there are no limitations.

    Step 1: Choose What You Want

    Step one is pretty simple - choose something specific that you want (make it spicy). And when we say specific, we mean it. Define it clearly, with vibrant details, almost like the opening lines of a fairytale. 

    For example, if you’re trying to manifest a relationship, think about the absolute fairytale ending experience with this person. Think like this: 

    • What does your life look like together if you had everything you wanted? 
    • Where do you live? What car do you drive? What do you both look like?
    • Who are the closest people that share in your life?
    • What does it feel like to live this life? What does it smell like? 
    • What are you doing day-to-day?
    • Who have you both become? 

    Step 2: Feel It, Baby

    Before you get started practicing the Fairytale method you first need to know that as you’re writing you have to FEEL it. 

    Feel as if your wish has already come true. Don't just think it; feel it. 

    This is the essence of the law of assumption. When you let that feeling take over your mind and body you are signaling to the subconscious mind that it is REAL. 

    See, the mind can’t tell the difference between reality and imagination - so it believes whatever you’re thinking. When you feel your fairytale as if it’s real, your mind will assume that it’s real and start focusing more on what will draw it to you. 

    So, you have to get in your feels and let the fairytale take over. You should feel a smile come over your face, you should be relaxed and present. 

    Step 3: Journaling Your Fairytale 

    When you know exactly what you want in detail - it’s time to write your story. Here’s some tips to get you started:

    1. Find some time to be alone - you really want to be in a good zen energy while practicing this method
    2. Grab your favorite journal or notepad - ipad pen, laptop or phone also work
    3. Spend the next 10-15 minutes writing out your fairytale life in as much detail as you can
    4. Write in the present tense - as if it’s already happening “We’re so happy together living in…” 

    Step 4: Maintain the Assumed State

    After you’ve written your fairytale, assume that it’s real. Feel fulfilled and abundant know that this is your projected reality. Keeping your vibrations high and a positive mindset will attraction your desires to you. Practice it daily until it becomes your reality. 

    Step 5: Show Gratitude

    Gratitude for what you have is one of the highest vibrational frequencies for the mind and body. Show gratitude for your realized wish. By doing so, you're celebrating the manifestation of your dream and drawing it to you. 

    Final Thoughts 

    If you've made it this far, that's amazing! We hope you've taken all of this info in and are ready to start practicing! 

    Remember, this takes time and patience, your fairytale life won't just happen in a day. You have to consistently maintain that high vibrational frequency, and on days that you fall of, be kind to yourself and know that it's okay.

    You can always start again tomorrow; just try your best to feel abundance and that abundance will come back to you.

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