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Signs of Anxious Attachment Style in Men

Discover signs of men with anxious attachment style. Learn how to identify and understand this in guys and navigate the complexities of relationships.

Joe Dispenza Guided Meditation Review

Read our review of Joe Dispenza's guided meditation: a blend of 'Becoming Supernatural's' weird and amazing techniques, offering transformative insights and experiences.

Gary Brecka's Networth [2024]

Explore the 2024 insights on Gary Brecka's net worth, the co-founder of 10X Health System and a renowned human biochemist, known for revolutionizing personalized health and wellness.

The Burnt Toast Theory [TikTok Trending]

Explore the Burnt Toast Theory, a TikTok trend inspired by an Alaskan flight incident, revealing how life's delays can lead to unexpected fortunes.

The Lamp Story Explained [TikTok Trend]

Explore the Lamp Story Explained, a captivating TikTok trend originating from a Reddit thread, delving into dreams and reality.

Best Spiritual Retreats in Japan

Explore Japan's best spiritual retreats for inner peace and enlightenment. Discover serene sanctuaries in Kyoto, Hakuba, and Oita for transformative experiences.

How to Do Gary Brecka's 30-30-30 Method

Explore the transformative power of Gary Brecka's 30-30-30 Method, a trending wellness rule that optimizes your diet, metabolism, and overall well-being in just three simple steps.

5 Best Spiritual Retreats in Portugal

Explore the 5 best spiritual retreats in Portugal designed to deepen your self-awareness and foster inner tranquility. Take the first step to transformation today.

October Is All About Me: A Guide to Moving On

October Is All About Me guides you through a self-care journey inspired by TikTok and Drake. Discover how to move on from relationships and focus on personal growth this October.

5 Best Spiritual Retreats in Ibiza [2024]

Discover the 5 Best Spiritual Retreats in Ibiza for ultimate transformation and inner peace. Dive into experiences that blend nature, mindfulness, and self-growth.

Best Meditation Retreats in Chiang Mai

Discover the magic of Chiang Mai retreats, your go-to sanctuary for yoga, meditation, and spiritual transformation. Recharge and deepen your practice in Thailand.

The Impact of Growing Up with Avoidant Parents

Explore the lasting impact of growing up with avoidant parents on your avoidant attachment style, and find actionable steps for emotional healing and transformation.

5 Best Meditation Retreats in Mexico

Discover the top 5 meditation retreats in Mexico for unparalleled mindfulness experiences. Find your sanctuary and elevate your well-being in these peaceful havens.

How a Breakup Feels for Men

Explore the emotional and psychological impacts of how a breakup feels for a man. Uncover deep healing through self-therapy journaling that taps into your subconscious.

5 Best Meditation Retreats in Australia [2024]

We review of the 5 best meditation retreats in Australia for 2023. Discover unique programs and tranquil settings for mindfulness and self-discovery.

What Is Rule Number 5? Show No Love

Uncover the impact of Rule Number 5, "Show No Love," popularized by 50 Cent and trending on TikTok, for emotional self-preservation.

How Self Therapy Journaling Heals Avoidant Attachment Style

Self therapy journaling is a powerful tool that can help you heal avoidant attachment style through neuroscience and psychology journal prompts.

9 Signs of a Disregulated Nervous System

Discover 9 signs of a disregulated nervous system and learn about healing through breathwork, attachment styles, and vagus nerve massage for overall well-being.

Best Spiritual Retreats in Costa Rica [Adults Only]

We've picked the best all inclusive retreats in Costa Rica that are adults only! These transformational retreat take you on a journey to self discovery, relaxation and bliss.

Graham Hancock's Net Worth [2024]

Graham Hancock's net worth as of 2024 is estimated to be around 5 million dollars, given the sales of his books, appearances, and other ventures

Best Retreats in Vietnam

We explore the best retreats in Vietnam; spiritual, yoga and travel retreats perfect for escaping and having a transformative and healing experience.

Don Miguel Ruiz Net Worth [2024]

It is estimated that don Miguel Ruiz's net worth is an impressive $10 million as of 2024, we explain how he made is fortune

James Redfield's Net Worth [2024]

It is estimated that James Redfield’s net worth is around 6 million dollars as of 2024. We explain how he makes his money

Paulo Coelho Net Worth [2024]

Paulo Coelho’s net worth is projected to be just over 500 million dollars as of 2024. We explain how he amassed his wealth

Mooji's Net Worth [2024]

Mooji's net worth is around 20 million dollars as of 2024 we explain who he is and what he does

Sam Harris Net Worth [2024]

Sam Harris net worth is estimated to be around $15 million dollars as of 2024. Discover what Sam Harris does and how he made his fortune

Wim Hof's Net Worth [2024] 

Wim Hof's net worth as of 2024 is around $12 million dollars, we explain who he is and how he makes his money

Brian Weiss Net Worth [2024]

Dr Brian Weiss is most famous for his past life regression therapy, his net worth stands at $25 million as of 2024. We explain how he makes his money

Eckhart Tolle's Net Worth [2024]

Eckhart Tolle's net worth is estimated to be a staggering $80 million as of 2024, we explain who he is and how he made his fortune

Andrew Huberman's Supplement Recommendations

We explore Andrew Huberman's 5 most recommended supplements and explain why they're needed to live your best life

Deepak Chopra's Net Worth [2024]

Deepak Chopra's net worth as of 2024 stands at over $200 million. We tell you how the prolific spiritual teacher earned his fortune

Jay Shetty's Net Worth [2024]

Jay Shetty is a former monk turned international speaker and author, his net worth is projected to be $25 million as of 2024

David Sinclair's Net Worth [2024]

David Sinclair is a renowned scientist in the field of ageing with a staggering net worth of $25 million as of 2024

How to Use the "Why Me" Manifesting Method

The Why Me manifesting method is a powerful way to shift your mindset when faced with challenges or obstacles in life. We explain how to use it

Sadhguru's Net Worth [2024]

Sadhguru is a former businessman turned spiritual teacher who has a staggering net worth of $25 million as of 2024

Gregg Braden's Net Worth [2024]

Gregg Braden's net worth is around $5 million as of 2024, he is renowned for his research on the link between science and spirituality

Esther Hicks Net Worth [2024]

Esther Hicks is a spiritual teacher and author who's estimated net worth as of 2024 is around $10 million

Bruce Lipton's Net Worth [2024]

Bruce Lipton is a renowned biologist who's net worth is an estimated $12 million dollars as of 2024for his work and reesarch in epigentics

Bob Proctor's Net Worth [2024]

Bob Proctor's estimated net worth before his death was around $25 million, the renowned self-help guru was famous for teaching the science of making money

What is the Dalai Lama's Net Worth? [2024]

The Dalai Lama is estimated to be worth $150 million dollars as of 2024, the spiritual leader is said to donate a majority of his wealth

Andrew Huberman's Net Worth [2024]

Andrew Huberman is a neurobiologist who has risen to fame through his podcast and social media. His projected net worth in 2023 is $5 million

Joe Dispenza's Net Worth [2024]

As of 2023 Joe Dispenza's projected net worth is around $15 million. We explain who he is and how he makes his money

Breathwork for a Spiritual Awakening

Breathwork is a free and easy self healing practice that can help you to trigger a spiritual awakening, unearth trauma and lead to transformation.

Benefits of 639 Hz Solfeggio Frequency

Listening to the 639hz frequency is said to have many benefits as it stimulates the energy centres of your brain and body relating to the heart.

What is the Effect of 528hz? [Explained]

If you're struggling with issues relating to your personal identity, confidence or self-esteem listening to the 528hz solfeggio frequency can help to unearth why.

What Does 417hz Do to Your Brain? [The Benefits]

Listening to the 417hz solfeggio frequency is said to have profound healing affects on the physical, mental and emotional body through sound vibration.

Benefits of 396hz Root Chakra Solfeggio Frequency

Listening to the 396hz solfeggio frequency is a powerful way to tap into the subconscious mind, alter brainwave states and heal past trauma.

How to Do Morning Pages Journaling

Morning pages journaling is where you write whatever comes to mind in a free flowing from your stream of consciousness. Find out how to practice.

How to Meditate in the Shower: 3 Different Methods

Life’s busy, meditate in the shower. Shower meditation is an effective mindfulness technique with numerous benefits to mental and physical health.

Andrew Huberman's Daily Morning Routine: Explained

Hack your mornings with neuroscience. Andrew Huberman's morning routine awakens the body the right way.

10 Movies to Watch for Spiritual Growth

Top 10 Spiritual Movie Must Sees for anyone going through a spiritual awakening or just down for some mind-bending awesomeness.

How To Self Massage the Vagus Nerve

The benefits and how to self massage the vagus nerve. We teach you stomach, ear and neck massage that will help to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system.

Holotropic Breathwork: Is it Dangerous to Practice?

Holotropic breathwork is an intense form of breathwork therapy for personal growth and spiritual exploration. Here is a guide to holotropic breathwork and some warnings about potential dangers.

Binaural Beats vs Isochronic Tones: Which is Better?

Isochronic tones vs binaural beats are powerful sound frequencies with many health benefits. We explore how their differences, similarities and which is better