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10 Reasons Why Avoidants Want to Stay Friends

Explore why avoidant attachment styles often choose friendship over romance. Uncover 10 key reasons that delve into the emotional and psychological intricacies.

How to Get Rid of an Anxious Attachment Style

Discover how to get rid of anxious attachment style through neuroscience-backed strategies, shadow work, and actionable steps for building a secure foundation.

7 Signs You're in a Situationship

7 Signs You're in a Situationship uncovers the grey area between friendship and romance. Discover key signs like emotional swings and blurred boundaries.

The Fire Burning Manifestation Method

Discover the transformative power of the fire burning manifestation method. A step-by-step guide to combine spirituality, psychology, and intentionality.

What is No Contact Clarity?

Unlock the power of No Contact Clarity with our step-by-step guide and self therapy journal for breakups. Gain emotional insights, heal, and foster healthier relationships.

How to Glow Up Post Breakup

Learn how to glow up post-breakup with our detailed guide and actionable steps. Enhance your transformation with our specialized "How to Glow Up" journal.

5 Stages of a Breakup for Anxious Attachment Style

Explore the 5 Stages of a Breakup through the lens of an anxious attachment style. Learn to navigate emotional hurdles and find resources for healing..

7 Reasons Why You Get Attached So Easily

Discover why you get attached so easily by diving into anxious and disorganized attachment styles. Learn the psychology behind rapid emotional investments.

Why Men and Women Handle Breakups Differently

Dive into how men and women cope differently with breakups due to biology, psychology, and attachment styles. Learn who faces a longer emotional recovery.

Why Avoidants Keep Their Ex as an Option

Explore why avoidants keep their exes as options and idealize past relationships. Unlock the emotional intricacies of avoidant attachment styles for healthier relationships.

How Understanding the Spotlight Effect Helps Anxiety

Uncover the link between the spotlight effect and social anxiety. Learn practical tips to manage this mental bias and reduce stress.

How Anxious Attachment Style React to a Breakup

Navigate the emotional maze of a breakup with anxious attachment. Get actionable tips and transformative healing with our How to Get Over a Breakup journal.

Why Being Delulu is the Solulu: The Law of Assumption

Discover why being 'delulu' could be your path to fulfillment. Explore the empowering Law of Assumption with a step-by-step guide backed by science.

How Self Therapy Journaling Heals Disorganized Attachment

Explore healing disorganized attachment through self-therapy journaling. Gain emotional stability and healthier relationships with targeted prompts. Start healing today.

9 Signs You're in a Karmic Relationship

Discover the 9 signs that indicate you're in a karmic relationship. Uncover what these signs reveal about your emotional well-being and spiritual growth journey.

What is a Karmic Relationship?

Explore what a karmic relationship means, signs to identify one, and how it differs from a soulmate. Includes an enlightening example for clarity.

What It's Like to Have Immigrant Parents

Explore the complexities of growing up as a child with immigrant parents. Learn how to navigate cultural expectations and find healing strategies for balancing your identity.

How to Heal a Disorganized Attachment Style

Learn how to heal a disorganized attachment style with insightful strategies including subconscious reprogramming and guided journaling techniques.

How to Be Nonchalant when Dating

Discover how to be nonchalant in dating and relationships by understanding the law of detachment and your attachment style for a more balanced love life.

How to Heal an Anxious Attachment Style

Heal your anxious attachment style with step-by-step guidance, mind transformation techniques, and the power of journaling.

5 Best Meditation Retreats in Bali [2023]

Explore the 5 best meditation retreats in Bali for mindfulness, inner peace, and spiritual growth. Your guide to transformative experiences in tranquil settings.

How to Use the Boring Uncle Theory

The "Boring Uncle Theory" is a dating technique from TikTok that teaches you to know your worth when someone isn't treating you the way you deserve.

How to Use a No Contact Journal

How to use a no contact journal to heal from a breakup and get over your ex. With self therapy journaling you can let go of the past to envision the future.

12 Signs They're Breadcrumbing You

Breadcrumbing is the act of leading someone on through inconsistent communication, this is often done to keep someone interested without having to commit.

How Long Should a Talking Stage Last?

If you're wondering how long a talking stage should last you have to take into account a number of different factors like attachment style and connection.

What is the 3 Month Rule in Dating?

The 3 month rule in dating is usually the point that you breakup or start a relationship, this is because your dopamine drops and the honey moon phase is over.

Best Way to End a Situationship

Ending a situationship can feel just as bad as a breakup. We share the best way to end a situationship, help both of you come to a decision and move forward.

How the Law of Detachment Helps Anxious Attachment Style

The law of detachment can help heal an anxious attachment style as it teaches you to become more self reliant and less anxious in relationships, we show you why.

Causes of an Anxious Attachment Style

The cause of anxious attachment style is generally developed during your formative years of childhood, but can also be caused by past relationship trauma.

How to Manifest with the Self Concept Method

Manifesting with the self concept method shifts your deeply programmed subconscious beliefs and helps to rewire your thoughts and manifest your desired reality.

How to Get the Ick to Get Over Them

If you're just getting over a breakup, getting the ick is an incredible way to rewire the brain to help you get over them. We teach you why it's possible and how to do it.

How to Do the "Wouldn't It Be Nice" Manifesting Method

The "Wouldn't it Be Nice" manifestation method is a technique created by Abraham Hicks to help you visualize and manfiest anything you desire.

How to Do the Delusion Walk Manifestation Method

The Delusion Walk Method is a manifestation technique that uses the meditative state of a "delulu" walk and couples it with visualization to help you use the law of attraction.

How Awareness Helps Heal Your Attachment Style

Awareness of your attachment style is the first step toward healing past trauma and becoming more secure in all of your relationships.

How to Use the Triangle Effect Method

The Triangle Effect Method is a fascinating technique grounded in psychology, which uses our natural body language to subtly convey interest and deepen connections.

10 Signs they're Love Bombing You

We explain what love bombing is and give you 10 signs you're being love bombed. We explain how narcissism and manipulation play a part in the love bombers motives.

Signs of a Fearful Avoidant Attachment Style

Fearful avoidant attachment style is characterized by fear and avoidance in the context of intimate relationships, we show you 12 signs that you may have this style.

Ghosting Everyone & Focusing on Myself: A Glow Up Guide

Going ghost on everyone and focusing on yourself is the key to your glow up. We give you a comprehensive guide on how to use the law of detachment to do it.

5 Best Spiritual Retreats in Bali [2023]

We've found the 5 best spiritual retreats in Bali in 2023, these wellness retreats will transform your life with enhanced self awareness, personal growth and holistic healing.

How to Glow Up with the Law of Detachment

We show you how using the law of detachment can help you glow up. It is a powerful technique that allows you to release expectations and live in the present moment

12 Signs of an Avoidant Attachment Style

We explain what an avoidant attachment style is and give you 12 signs including hyper independence, discomfort with vulnerability and supressing your emotions

Pretty In the Dark: How Music Can Help You Manifest

Pretty in the Dark by Ashley Sienna and Ellise takes manifesting your desires to a whole new level by sending you positive messaging and energy through music

Top 5 Spiritual Retreats in California

We've found the top 5 best spiritual retreats in California, perfect for healing and personal growth. Discover self love with meditation, yoga and more

How to Do the Double Gaze Method

The double gaze method is a seduction technique where you maintain eye contact to seduce and forge a connection with someone that allures them to you psychologically

How Being "Delulu" is Using the Law of Assumption

TikTok has probably taught you what being delulu is, but did you know it's a powerful way to use the law of assumption to manifest and attract all of your desires

How to Do the Scripting Manifestation Method

The scripting manifestation method uses the law of attraction to manifest your desires. By writing out your life in detail you send new signals to the subconscious mind

7 Signs You Met the Right Person at the Wrong Time

Meeting the right person at the wrong time can be painful, we show you 7 signs help you with how to deal with it, whether to stay together or breakup for now

How it Feels to Have an Anxious Attachment Style

We explain how it feels to have an anxious attachment style, how you developed it and why you are triggered by your fear of abandonment and can become clingy

How to Stick to the No Contact Rule

We explain how to stick to the no contact rule even when you're missing them. Focusing on self care and healing during this time is crucial for you to be able to move on

Self Concept & The Law of Assumption

Self concept and the law of assumption can be used together to transform the way you think about yourself and to ultimately manifest an entirely new life

Things to Do For Self Healing

If you're looking for some things to do for self healing, we recommend a few alternative holistic measures that can truly help to transform the mind and body naturally

Causes of an Avoidant Attachment Style

An avoidant attachment style is caused by your childhood upbringing, where you subconsciously take on the attachment styles of your caregivers without realising

How to Detach From Someone: Exes & Relationships

The law of detachment can help you to detach from a relationship or ex through self awareness and taking active steps to focus on your future and personal growth

Triggers for a Disorganized Attachment Style

Triggers for a disorganized attachment style or fearful avoidants can be quite confusing as the push and pull dynamic of this style craves closeness but also rejects it

How to Use the "I Am Sure" Method

The I Am Sure method is a powerful manifestation method that uses affirmation and the law of attraction to reprogram the subconscious mind to manifest your desires

Triggers for an Anxious Attachment Style

Understanding the triggers of your anxious attachment style can help you to navigate them a little better. Through this awareness you can start to develop ways to heal

5207418 Money Manifestation Grabovoi Code

The TikTok trend 5207418 is actually a money manifestation code linked to the Grabavoi codes which are said to be numerical cheat codes to wealth and abundance

7 Signs You're Experiencing Limerence

Limerence is the feeling of infatuation that takes over you're entire personality, it is often linked to an anxious attachment style. Here are 7 signs you're experiencing limerence

Triggers for an Avoidant Attachment Style

Avoidant attachment style is developed during childhood. We show you the triggers of this attachment style and give some affirmations to help

Signs of a Disorganized Attachment Style

We explain the signs of a disorganized attachment style and how you developed this love language during your childhood development

How to Heal an Avoidant Attachment Style

We explain the signs of an avoidant attachment style, how to deal with an avoidant partner and steps toward healing and fixing your avoidant tendancies

The Twin Flame Connection [Explained]

A twin flame connection is more than just attraction, it is a profound sense of recognition of someone you feel like you've known forever

How to Do the 2 Cup Manifestation Method

Discover the power of The 2 Cup Manifestation Method to shift your reality with the law of attraction and assumption

How to Have the Marilyn Munroe Effect

The Marilyn Munroe Effect is when someone has a magnetic energy that attracts people to them. This is the law of assumption and attraction in action

How to Manifest with a Vision Board

A step-by-step guide on how to manifest with a vision board with examples so that you can manifest your dream life

13 Crown Chakra Opening Symptoms & Signs

13 signs of Crown Chakra opening - learn to identify and understand these transformative symptoms in your spiritual journey

15 Throat Chakra Opening Signs

Explore 15 throat chakra opening signs and symptoms, understand chakras, and learn to recognize a blocked throat chakra for holistic well-being

13 Heart Chakra Opening Symptoms

Explore the 13 signs of heart chakra opening, as well as symptoms of blockage. Understand love, compassion, and spiritual awakening in a new light

How to Manifest with the Law of Thought Transmission

Harness the Law of Thought Transmission to manifest your desires and shape your reality. Discover how your thoughts influence the world around you.

How to Manifest with the Telepathy Method: Law of Attraction

The Telepathy Method is a powerful law of attraction manifestation technique that can help you attract whatever or whoever you desire.

How to Use the “Let Them Theory”

The let them theory is a powerful law of detachment manifestation practice that helps you to let go and attract whatever you desire

10 Signs of Love Bombing in Your Relationship

Spotting love bombing in your relationship isn't always as straightforward as it seems, we share 10 signs that they're love bombing you

15 Solar Plexus Chakra Opening Symptoms

Feeling more confident and higher self esteem? This might be a sign that you opened your solar plexus chakra. The centre of your self worth

15 Sacral Chakra Opening Symptoms

Opening symptoms of the sacral chakra can range from heightened creativity to intense emotional experiences and more. We explain the signs.

13 Root Chakra Opening Symptoms

The symptoms of root chakra opening can vary, ranging from increased groundedness to improved sleep, to a heightened awareness of your surroundings.

How to Manifest Your Crush Using the Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is a powerful method to manifest your crush. We explain what it is and how to practice

Shadow Work Prompts for Self Discovery

Shadow work prompts for self discovery are a powerful tool in uncovering any trauma that is block your from manifesting your desires

How to Make Him Obsessed: Manifestation Method

Trying to make someone obsessed with you? This law of attraction and law of assumption method will help you to become irresistable

30 Sacral Chakra Shadow Work Prompts

Sacral chakra shadow work prompts can help you to heal trauma and reconnect with your creative and sexual energy. We teach you how

Shadow Work Prompts for Breakups

Shadow work prompts for breakups will help you to heal your trauma and work through any internal blockages to help you move on

How to Do Shadow Work Prompts for Manifestation 

Shadow work prompts are a powerful method that help you to heal trauma to leave space for you to manifest everything you desire

How to Do the Reverse Scripting Law of Attraction Method

Reverse scripting is a powerful law of attraction method where you script your life from the end-goal, working your way backward. We explain how to do it

How to Use the Law of Attraction for a Specific Person

We explain how to use the law of attraction for a specific person in just 5 steps. Attract whoever you desire with this powerful method

5 Best Meditation Retreats in Thailand [2023]

We've found 5 of the best meditation retreats in Thailand for relaxation and rediscovery. Find spiritual peace and abundance at these luxury stays

How to Do the Gratitude Method Manifestation

The Gratitude Method Manifestation is a law of attraction technique that uses affirmation, visualization and feeling to manifest your desires

Shadow Work Prompts for Abandonment Issues

Shadow work prompts for abandonment issues can help you to confront and heal any issues relating to insecurity that affects your life

Shadow Work Prompts for Insecurity

Shadow work prompts for insecurity can help you to identify your self-sabotaging behavior to heal past trauma and gain new confidence

Love Letter Manifestation Method: How to Attract Love

The love letter manifestation method is a powerful law of attraction technique that can help you to attract love into your life. We explain how.

How to Do the Perfume Method Manifestation

The perfume method is a powerful manifestation technique that can help you to attract your desires through the use of scent

Shadow Work Prompts for Trauma

If you're dealing with trauma shadow work prompts can help you to identify and heal the parts of yourself that are causing you pain

How to Manifest Your Ex Back: Use the Law of Assumption

Missing your ex and trying to manifest them back? We explain how to use the law of assumption to attract them back into your reality

How to Use the “Act As If” Technique

The Act As If technique is a powerful law of assumption method that can help you to manifest everything you desire by reprogramming the mind

13 Ways to Open Your Root Chakra

We give you 13 ways to open up your root chakra and explain what the symptoms and signs of a blocked root chakra feel like

How to Do Mirror Work to Manifest Anything

Mirror work is a powerful manifestation technique that uses affirmations to shift your subconscious thoughts and attract your desires

How To Do The Four Corners Method

The Four Corners Method is a powerful law of attraction technique that will help your to become magnetic and attract everything you desire. We explain how.

How to Find the Best Tibetan Singing Bowl Sets: Top 5

Discover the top 5 best Tibetan Singing Bowl Sets for meditation and healing - with high-end and affordable options for every practitioner

Chase Me Method - How to Use this Law of Attraction Technique

Learn how to manifest someone into your life with the Chase Me Method a law of attraction affirmation technique

21 Shadow Work Prompts for Toxic Relationships

Toxic relationship? Explore how to heal using shadow work prompts. Understand unconscious patterns, set healthy boundaries & attract healthy relationships

What Singing Bowl to Start With: Top 5 List

What makes a good singing bowl? We've tried and reviewed our top 5 best singing bowls, tell you how to choose, what benefits they bring and how use it.

How to Quantum Jump: Law of Attraction & Assumption

Quantum jumping is the idea that there are an infinite amount of possibilities in your life, you just have to become aware and jump toward them. We show you how.