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Top 5 Best Tibetan Singing Bowl Sets

Discover the top 5 best Tibetan Singing Bowl Sets for meditation and healing - with high-end and affordable options for every practitioner

Chase Me Method - How to Use this Law of Attraction Technique

Learn how to manifest someone into your life with the Chase Me Method a law of attraction affirmation technique

21 Shadow Work Prompts for Toxic Relationships

Toxic relationship? Explore how to heal using shadow work prompts. Understand unconscious patterns, set healthy boundaries & attract healthy relationships

How to Choose the Best Singing Bowl: Top 5 List

What makes a good singing bowl? We've tried and reviewed our top 5 best singing bowls, tell you how to choose, what benefits they bring and how use it.

How to Quantum Jump and Manifest Your Desired Reality

Quantum jumping is the idea that there are an infinite amount of possibilities in your life, you just have to become aware and jump toward them. We show you how.

Self Concept Method: How to Change Your Life

Self concept is the image we have of ourself - shifting your self concept is the key to changing your life. We show you how.

Lucky Girl Syndrome: How to Manifest Your Dream Life

No more sad girl vibes, lucky girl syndrome is the key to manifesting everything you desire. Let’s get delusional besties and learn how to do it.

How To Manifest Someone to Text You

We explain how to manifest someone to text you with law of attraction techniques. It requires a little work, visualization and elevating your vibrational frequency.

13 Hilarious Shadow Work Memes

Sometimes, it's important to laugh through the pain. We've scoured the internet for the most hilarious shadow work memes we could find.

How to Manifest with the O Method: Attract Your Desires

The O method is a powerful law of attraction technique that taps into the sexual energy of an orgasm to manifest your desires, we teach you how to use it

Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming About Your Ex

The spiritual meaning of dreaming about your ex is that there are some unresolved questions, soul ties or feelings about your relationship

31 Healing Affirmations for Imposter Syndrome

Using affirmations can help to combat feelings of imposter syndrome so that you feel your best when diving into something new. 

Affirmations for an Anxious Attachment Style

Having an anxious attachment style is mentally draining. Affirmations can help rewire the brain whether you’re dating, in a situationship or relationship. 

How To Manifest Your Dream Life with the Law of Attraction

Anyone can manifest their dream life, but not everyone does. Why? Because it takes a certain amount of focus, drive and a huge shift in perspective.

How to Use Journal Prompts for Manifestation

Journal prompts are a powerful law of attraction technique for manifesting self love, working on self limiting beliefs, relationships and attracting money.

Sperm Web Theory & The Law of Attraction

They ignore you, then you meet someone new and BOOM they're back. The Sperm Web Theory is a law of attraction principle that explains why this happens.

17 Funny Chakra Memes [2022]

We compiled 17 of the funniest, cringiest and NSFW chakra memes on the internet. Laugh at these hilarious memes while aligning your chakras.

5 Signs of Toxic Spirituality - BEWARE of these red flags

Wondering what really defines "toxic spirituality"? Learn more about these 5 tell-tale signs and how to break free from its harmful influence.

7 Best Meditation Retreats in Bali [2022]

We’ve selected 7 of the best meditation retreats in Bali; from relaxation, spa and yoga to personal transformation and spiritual healing experiences.

Best Sacral Chakra Crystals for Healing

A list of the best sacral chakra crystals to help achieve balance to your sex life, creativity and passion and help lead to transformation and healing. 

Manifest Sex with the Law of Attraction

Are you ready to manifest steamy sex with the law of attraction? This technique can help you move past self limiting beliefs to help you get laid.

How to Use the Law of Assumption for Love: 35 Affirmations

Learn how to use the law of assumption for love with this easy guide! Get inspired with 35 love affirmations that will help attract more positive luck into your life.

Pillow Method Manifestation: How to Shift Your Reality

Are you ready to shift your reality? The pillow method manifestation technique is a powerful law of attraction method that can alter the course of your life.

Journal Prompts for Couples (2022)

Are you struggling to connect with your partner? Journal prompts are a powerful way for couples to reconnect, learn about each other and reclaim that spark.

33 Money Manifestation Affirmations & How to Use Them

If anyone could manifest money, wouldn’t we all be rich? Money manifestation affirmations are a powerful law of attraction technique that attracts abundance.

35 Shadow Work Prompts for Letting Go

Do you struggle letting go of the past? Shadow work prompts for letting go will help to work through your trauma and lead to healing and transformation.

Book Tease: The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love

This handbook for self love features helpful tools, healing modalities, empowering life lessons and detailed steps about activating your feminine energy.

36 Shadow Work Prompts for Relationships & Self Love

Practicing shadow work prompts is a powerful journalling technique that will heal your trauma relating to relationships and self love and lead to transformation

Tinkerbell Effect Manifestation: Everything You Need to Know

The Tinker Bell Effect is a a powerful manifestation technique that uses the law of assumption to alter your reality. We explain how to use it to attract anything.

Is Shadow Work Dangerous?

The goal of shadow work is to confront your deepest fears, insecurities and repressed trauma. It may not be ‘dangerous’ but it can be overwhelming and scary.

How to Manifest with the 17 Second Technique

If you could manifest your desires in just 17 seconds would you try it? The 17 second technique uses the law of attraction to set your manifestation in motion.

Manifesting with the Whisper Method

Manifesting with the whisper method is a technique of the Law of Attraction that uses visualisation, intention and energetic vibrations to manifest your desires.

21 Funny Spiritual Memes (2022)

We scoured the internet for the 21 funniest spiritual memes. If you're going through a spiritual awakening you'll definitely have a laugh at these.

Top 10 Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

Top 10 signs that you're experience a spiritual awakening which can include; feeling disconnected, questioning everything, re-evaluating relationships and more

5 Amazing Spiritual Psychedelic Artists

5 Spiritual Psychedelic Artists that will blow your mind; spiritual awakening art, astral projection, spiritual quotes, universe, alternate realities and more.

The Spiritual Bank Method & How to Use It

Do you use up all your spiritual energy and feel exhausted by the end of the day? Maybe you should try out the Spiritual Bank Account Method.

Chakra Affirmations: Unblock Your 7 Chakras

Chakra affirmations can help you work through past and present trauma to unblock your 7 chakras and reprogram your subconscious thoughts.

10 Kundalini Awakening Symptoms

Here are 10 symptoms of a Kundalini awakening. These physical, sexual and emotional symptoms are signs that your experiencing transformation and healing.