What to Write in Your Couples Journal

Are you struggling to connect with your partner? We all experience this at one point or another in our relationships, especially when we become comfortable and complacent.

This can lead to a build up of resentment and tension that negatively affects even the smallest of interactions. Journal prompts for couples are a powerful way to reconnect, learn about each other and reclaim that spark.

Check out our How to Figure Sh*t Out Together: A Couple's Self Therapy Journal if you'd like to print out your questions to work on.

    What are Journal Prompts?

    Journal prompts for couples are a series of questions that delve into your relationship. Answering journalling prompts and physicalising your thoughts onto paper is a powerful way to access all of the negative subconscious thoughts that are buried deep in the mind.

    We all have what is known as a “shadow self” which is a culmination of all of our deepest regrets, shame, trauma and desires. This shadow is often buried deep in the subconscious mind, affecting your everyday behaviour without you even noticing. 

    This will often manifest as problems within your relationship, leading to conflict, fear, jealousy and discontent. When you take the time to sit, reflect and answer journaling prompts together, you’re better able to identify the problems in your relationship.

    Through this greater awareness you can actively heal trauma and create a stronger bond with your partner. 

    How to Practice Journal Prompts for Couples

    Choose a time where you can sit in a peaceful and calm environment with your partner to answer your journal prompts. Set your phones to do not disturb and create an inviting and safe space to sit together. Choose the questions below that resonate most deeply with your relationship. 

    Have a conversation before getting started about your intention for this practice. Take your time to answer your questions individually and share them with one another when ready. Ensure that you give each other space to speak openly without being interrupted.

    Confirm with each other that there will be no judgement during this practice and ensure that you’re both comfortable with each question before answering. 

    Journal Prompts for Couples

    1. What is the earliest example of love that you remember growing up? Was it healthy or unhealthy? How do you remember feeling about this relationship as a child? 
    2. How did your parental figures express their love towards each other? Was your household warm or cold? Did you observe a lot of affection or none at all? What were the roles of your parent/s?
    3. What could your partner do to make you feel happier and more secure in your relationship?
    4. Do you struggle being alone? Why do you think that is? How can you find time to be alone and be happy without always being with your partner? Do you feel insecure when your partner has experiences without you? Why? 
    5. How do you think your partner receives love? Do they show/tell you that they appreciate you?
    6. Does your partner give you enough after care, after sex? How could you build this intimacy more?
    7. What does your partner do that makes you want them sexually? What turns you on?
    8. What is something that your partner struggles with? How can you offer them support and help with these struggles? 
    9. When you’re feeling sad, depressed or anxious, what’s the best way that your partner can comfort you? 
    10. Where do you both see yourselves in 5 years? What does your life look like? How can you both work toward reaching these goals? 

    How to Figure Sh*t Out Together: A Couple's Self Therapy Journal

    If you enjoyed doing these journal prompts and want to dive a little deeper, How to Figure Sh*t Out Together: A Couple's Self Therapy Journal will take you there. You'll explore childhood reflections, choosing each other, sex & intimacy, dealing with conflict and envision the future together. By tapping into the subconscious mind we'll heal old wounds together, connect with fun and cheeky exercises and get to know each other on a whole new level.

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    Final Thoughts

    Practicing journal prompts for couples is an amazing technique that can help to transform your relationship. If you're struggling with communication this is a powerful way to understand your partners' wants, needs and desires. Through this greater awareness you can heal your trauma, find mutual ground and achieve balance in your relationship.

    If you and your partner practiced these journal prompts and found them helpful, we'd love to hear from you. Tell us your story or let us know if you have any questions.

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