17 Funny Chakra Memes [2024]

We may be trying to open our chakras but we're also here for the memes. If your like us then you like to make fun of yourself from time to time. Yes spirituality is life changing and amazing but it's also really hard and kind of frustrating sometimes, so we all need a laugh. We compiled 17 of the funniest, cringiest and NSFW chakra memes on the internet.

1. Did I stutter?

2. I said what I said

3. It be like that sometimes

4. Gotta live a little sometimes

5. Out of sight out of mind

6. Only Saturday Night Live fans will get this

7. The hood never left me

8. Who hurt you?

9. Calling all Karens

10. Stagnant energy

11. Somebody help

12. No comment

13. Letting the intrusive thoughts win

14. Stuck on 1

15. Wrong crystals

16. For Naruto fans only

17. He said what now?

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