How to Manifest Your Ex Back: Use the Law of Assumption

So you want to manifest your ex back? Are you sure this is good for you bestie? Jokes, let’s manifest them back with the law of assumption. But first what is the law of assumption?

    What is the Law of Assumption? 

    You’ve probably heard of the law of attraction before, but the law of assumption works a little differently. It’s the belief that our thoughts and assumptions create our reality.

    For example, if you assume that you have bad luck, then that’s exactly what you’ll continue to get and vice versa.

    It’s a concept that was created by renowned philosopher Neville Goddard who argued that the things that we focus on and the emotions that we attach them to manifest everything around us.

    How Can the Law of Assumption Manifest My Ex? 

    So, how can you get your ex back? If you’re hoping to rekindle your relationship or even start a new one, the law of assumption can be a powerful tool to help you get there. It’s not as easy as it sounds though, you have to truly believe that you’ll get them back without any doubt.

    This is all about convincing the subconscious mind that you already have something that isn’t quite there yet. As soon as you start to worry or miss them, it’s signaling to the brain that you don’t have it - this is bad. 

    How to Manifest Your Ex Back

    Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use the law of assumption to manifest your ex back.

    Step 1: Let Go of Negative Emotions

    You need to assume that they’re already yours, so it’s crucial that you let go of negative emotions. 

    Holding onto these emotions is signalling that you don’t have what you want. This is “assuming” that you don’t have it. Any feelings of anger, sadness, resentment or longing will block your manifestation. 

    Instead, try things like meditation, breathwork or journaling to let go of any of these unwanted feelings. You’ll have to do a little work here so that you don’t feel that obsessive thinking all of the time.

    Once you’ve released these emotions you’re well on your way to manifesting them back. 

    Step 2: Set Your Intention

    The next step is to have a clear intention. Think about exactly what you want, for example; “I want to be in a healthy and loving relationship with [name]” or “I’m back together with [name] and it’s the happiest and healthiest we’ve ever been”. 

    Whatever your intention may be, make sure it is specific and focused on what you truly want.

    Step 3: Visualize 

    In any manifestation practice visualization is extremely important. It’s showing the mind (who doesn’t know the difference between imagination and reality) exactly what you want to manifest into your life. Take some time to visualize the outcome of your desire in as much detail as possible.

    While you’re imagining your desire try to also connect an emotion to it. For example if you’re picturing yourself and your ex cuddled up on the couch, try to feel the emotion you would if it was already happening.

    The more vivid and detailed your visualizing the more you’re drawing it into your reality. 

    Step 4: Practice Gratitude

    Be grateful - this signals to the mind and body that you are happy and content. If you spend a little time everyday being grateful for what you already have you’re signaling to the mind that you feel abundant. This will only attract more positive experiences and abundance to you. 

    Step 5: Act Like It’s Already Happened 

    After you’ve completed the first 4 steps, it’s time to let go. Act as if your desired outcome has already happened - you have to ASSUME that it’s coming to you. 

    This means embodying behaviors of happiness, love and contentedness. We understand that this can be really hard, but it’s the only way to properly use the law of assumption. 

    Exhibit behaviors as if it’s already happened; for example, you might start dressing in a way that makes you feel attractive and confident or start a new class or activity that brings you joy. 

    Why Isn’t My Manifestation Working? 

    You’re not over it - and you kind of have to be to manifest them back. I know, it sounds confusing, but you can’t manifest something with the law of assumption if you’re not actually assuming they’ll be back. This might mean you have an anxious attachment style. This style is generally developed during

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    This will help you to manifest them back with the law of assumption, if that's what you want by the time you finish the journal - it is transformative after all.

    Final Thoughts 

    Manifesting your ex back with the law of assumption requires you to first release your negative emotions, then set a clear intention, visualize, practice gratitude and let go. If you miss a step, it unfortunately won’t work. 

    By focusing on positive energy and embodying the emotions and behaviors of a happy and fulfilled relationship, you can increase your chances of manifesting your ex back.

    Remember, manifestation takes patience. The more you worry and feel impatient, the more you’re blocking the end goal. Trust that they’re coming back to you and live in the present moment. If they don’t ever end up coming back - know that this was never meant to be.

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