How to Make Him Obsessed: Manifestation Method

Ever wondered how to level up your attraction game? How do you make him obsessed? 

We're diving into a unique approach that mixes a sprinkle of neuroscience, a dash of spirituality, and a whole lot of manifesting power to help you get that special someone thinking about you non-stop. Intrigued? Let’s explore.

    Manifesting & Making Them Obsessed

    Before we jump in, let's chat about these two universal laws that are about to become your new best friends. The law of attraction is the belief that like attracts like. 

    In other words, positive thoughts draw positive experiences, and negative thoughts... well, you get the idea. 

    The law of assumption, on the other hand, operates on the belief that assuming the state of your desire fulfilled, you become a magnet for it.

    Why does this matter in the quest to make him obsessed? The key here is aligning your thoughts, feelings, and actions with the reality you wish to create – him being crazy about you!

    Why the Manifestation Method?

    Why turn to the law of attraction and the law of assumption, you might ask? These laws tap into the power of your thoughts and emotions to create your reality. 

    This isn't just spiritual mumbo jumbo, either - neuroscience backs it up. 

    This manifestation method is about consciously using these laws to tune in the frequency of your desire - his obsession with you!

    How to Make Them Obsessed with Manifestation

    This is a journaling method so grab your journal, a notepad, your i-pad or even write it in your phone. Here’s how to do it:

    1. Create Your Reality Vision: Get clear on what you want to manifest in relation to the person you're interested in. Define the specific feelings, situations, and experiences you desire. It's important to be specific and detailed in your visualization, as it helps to paint a vivid picture in your mind and align your energy with your desired outcome.
    2. Journal Power: Utilize the practice of journaling to uncover any negative beliefs or doubts that may be holding you back from manifesting your desires. Use law of attraction shadow work prompts, such as exploring your fears, insecurities, or limiting beliefs about relationships. By writing out these thoughts and feelings, you bring them to the surface, allowing you to address and release them.
    3. Feel the Feelings: As you write in your journal, focus on feeling the emotions as if your desires have already been fulfilled. This involves engaging your imagination and tapping into the emotions of joy, love, and fulfillment that you would experience if your desires were already a reality. By generating these positive emotions, you amplify the manifesting process and create a vibrational match with your desired outcome.
    4. Release and Trust: After you have completed your journaling and visualization exercises, it's important to release attachment to the outcome and trust that the universe is working on your behalf. Let go of any desperation or neediness, as they can create resistance and hinder the manifestation process. Trust that the universe will orchestrate the journey and bring about the best possible outcome for everyone involved.
    5. Repeat: Consistency is key when it comes to manifestation. Regularly engage in the practice of journaling to strengthen your manifestation power. Use your journal as a tool to reaffirm your desires, explore any new insights or limiting beliefs that arise, and maintain a positive and aligned mindset. By repeatedly focusing your thoughts, emotions, and intentions on your desired outcome, you reinforce the manifestation process and increase the likelihood of attracting what you want.

    10 Shadow Work Prompts for Manifestation

    If you feel like you need to do some healing before you start this method, than shadow work prompts are amazing for clearing any unwanted trauma.

    1. How does it feel to have him thinking about you non-stop?
    2. What limiting beliefs do you have about your desirability that you can let go of?
    3. How would your daily life change if he were obsessed with you?
    4. How do I feel when I imagine him thinking about me constantly?
    5. In what ways could I change my behavior or mindset to align with this reality?
    6. What positive affirmations can I use to reinforce the belief that he's obsessed with me?
    7. How can I visualize this reality more vividly and inject more emotion into it?
    8. What actions can I take right now that align with him being obsessed with me?
    9. How does it feel to know he can't stop thinking about me?
    10. What self-limiting beliefs about love and relationships do I need to let go of to manifest this reality?


    Let's look at an example.

    Say your prompt is, "How does it feel to have him thinking about you non-stop?"

    As you dive into this prompt, visualize the emotions and experiences in detail. Do you feel ecstatic? Cherished? At peace? Write these feelings down, immersing yourself in them. How do you feel it in your body?

    Final Thoughts

    Now you know how to use the law of attraction to keep you on his mind! And remember, this is about manifesting a connection that respects both parties’ autonomy and personal space. After all, it’s all about creating a genuine, respectful bond, not controlling someone.

    Ready to manifest your desires? Try this method today! If you have any experiences or questions, we'd love to hear them! Connect with us and let's continue the journey together.

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