How to Do the Perfume Method Manifestation

Everyone on spiritual TikTok is talking about the Perfume Method Manifestation - and there's a good reason for it.

The perfume method is a powerful manifestation technique that can help you to attract your desires - but how? Let’s get into how it works. 

    What is the Perfume Method Manifestation?

    If you’re trying to manifest your desires and feel as though nothing is working, the perfume method could be the trick. It uses a combination of visualization and scent that helps you to align your thoughts, emotions and intentions with the frequency of your desire.

    It makes sense, you know when you catch a scent of something and you’re immediately transported to a moment in your life? That same concept works when you’re trying to train the subconscious mind to attract something new into your life. 

    Smell is closely connected to our limbic system, which is responsible for our memories, behaviour and our emotions. When you use scents to evoke positive emotions you’re raising your vibrational frequency and using the law of attraction to manifest and create your reality. 

    So whenever you smell that scent you will immediately trigger feelings of happiness and positivity.

    Why the Perfume Method Works

    The perfume method uses the law of attraction to manifest your desires. The law of attraction is the basic concept that “like attracts like”. This means that when you’re feeling amazing and happy, you attract more amazing and happy experiences into your life and vice versa.

    When you associate happy memories with a particular scent, you’re signaling to the subconscious mind that you feel happy. By triggering your limbic system you are raising your vibrational frequency which helps you to become magnetic.

    How to Do Perfume Method Manifestation:

    Step 1. Choose Your Scent

    Choose a fragrance that resonates with your desire, make it something that you can wear everyday and really familiarise yourself with its smell. It could be a perfume, essential oil, or any scent that you associate with your desire.

    Step 2. Find Some Me Time

    Now that you've chosen your scent, it's time for some 'me time'. You need to get familiar with this smell and associate it with your manifestation. Find a quiet and comfortable place where you can relax and focus on your manifestation.

    Close your eyes and do 3 deep breaths, in through the nose, hold at the top for 3 seconds and out through the mouth with an audible sigh. This will help you to bring your awareness back to baseline for your manifestation.

    Step 3. Visualize

    Inhale the fragrance  and allow yourself to experience any emotions, memories, or sensations that arise. Visualize your desire as if it has already manifested.

    While you're smelling the perfume, imagine how your desire looks, feels, and smells. Allow yourself to feel the emotions of having your desire.

    Step 4. Affirm

    Repeat your desire as an affirmation. For example, "everything I do attracts [name] into my life". Repeat this as you're visualizing your manifestation coming true and smelling your perfume.

    Step 5 Let Go

    Once you have done the above steps, simply let go. You have set up the subconscious triggers that you need to associate with your perfume. Now, when you spray it on relive that visualization and repeat that affirmation. It will help you to continue to raise your vibrations.

    Final Thoughts

    If you’re ready to manifest your dream life, the Perfume Method manifestation might be the trick to help you to align your thoughts, emotions and intentions to the frequency of your desire. 

    By using this method you can bypass your rational mind and tap into your subconscious to create a higher vibrational frequency and attract your desires.

    Remember, manifestation takes some time and practice. You can’t simply do this once and expect results. This scent should become the trigger to feeling happy and attracting happy experiences. Trust that as you raise your vibrations, more good things will come. 

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