Sperm Web Theory & The Law of Attraction

We’ve all experienced the Sperm Web Theory in action; you go for months obsessing over someone that ignores you, then you finally start to like someone new and who slides back into your DMs? Are their spidey senses tingling or something? Well, kind of; this is the law of attraction in action. This theory is blowing up on TikTok right now, so we're coming to you with some answers on how it works and why they so desperately want you back.

    What is The Sperm Web Theory? 

    The Sperm Web Theory is the idea that the moment you start focusing your attention on someone new, that your old flames come crawling back. You may have gone for months obsessing over someone who completely ignored you, but the instant your attention drifts away, suddenly they pop back into the picture.

    When you've moved on and met someone new you start to regain your happiness, joy and sense of self. Being in this abundant state means that you attract more abundance into your life. Your ex relationship or situationship will sense that you no longer want them and the tables will turn. This is the law of attraction in action.

    Sperm Web Theory & The Law of Attraction 

    The law of attraction is the basic principle that you attract whatever you focus on. People often think that the law of attraction only works to manifest positive outcomes, but this isn’t true. We’re all using the law of attraction all of the time, we just don't realise it. 

    So ask yourself, what are you focusing your energy on? If you’re focusing on your ex, this doesn’t mean that you’re attracting them. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. To manifest with the law of attraction you have to understand that “like attracts like”. This means that whatever you're feeling, whatever your mind is focused on is exactly what you attract.

    When you miss someone and want them back your mind is focusing on loss, loneliness and fear. This creates a powerful signal to the subconscious mind and the universe and will attract more experiences that make you feel loss, loneliness and fear. This will also cause you to act in certain ways; like continuing to reach out, look at old photos and exacerbate your feelings for that person.

    When you focus on someone new you shift your energy and send new positive signals to the brain which will attract more positive experiences.

    How to Use The Sperm Web Theory

    All you really need to do to use the Sperm Web Theory is focus on yourself and put yourself out there. Once you start shifting your attention away from checking to see if they texted, stalking their socials and mentally obsessing, you're changing your energetic frequency. It doesn’t necessarily need to be finding a new love interest, it could be making a big change in your life that takes up a lot of your time, energy and thought.

    The key here is shifting your focus away from those feelings of loss, loneliness and fear and into feelings of abundance, excitement and happiness. This is how to use the law of attraction. It’s really hard to manifest positive outcomes when you’re stalking and obsessing over someone.

    Once your attention is on something or someone new you'll find that the person you used to obsess over, is now obsessing over you. They subconsciously sense this loss and will often reach out to you. Reply at your own risk.

    If you've levelled up and energetically moved on this might just be a little bit of validation you needed to know that they cared. If that's the case it'll make it easier for you to simply move on.

    Sperm Web Theory Do's & Dont's

    If you’re dating someone new and the Sperm Web Theory isn’t working for you it might mean that you’re still subconsciously obsessing over your ex. Look, we're not saying that you should date someone new in the hopes of getting your ex back. This won't really work, because at the end of the day your brain still knows that you're obsessing about them. What we are saying is shifting your energy will not only allow you to move on with life, it'll also attract more people to you, including your ex.

    We understand that getting over your ex is extremely difficult. Obsessive thought patterns can be really hard to break and this often takes a little time, self care and patience - especially if you have an anxious attachment style. 

    Practicing self-healing modalities like breathwork, shadow work, journalling and affirmations might help you along in this process. Until then here are some do's and dont's when practicing the Sperm Web Theory:

    Sperm Web Theory Do’s

    • Practice self care
    • Focus on your healing journey
    • Put yourself out there
    • Date!
    • Open yourself up emotionally
    • Focus your attention on someone else 
    • Catch yourself thinking about them and try to shift your focus
    • Practice self healing modalities
    • Focus on your goals and happiness
    • Try new hobbies

    Sperm Web Theory Dont’s

    • Obsess over your ex
    • Stalk their socials
    • Ask others about them
    • Think about them - this is difficult, but try to catch your mind thinking about them and shift your focus
    • Talk about them all of the time
    • Text them
    • Call them 

    Final Thoughts

    It's crazy that most of us have experienced the Sperm Web Theory in action. As soon as you move on that one person just HAS to get in touch. When you've truly healed and used the law of attraction to focus your attention on something positive, you'll find old flames making their way back to you.

    Once you're in this positive headspace it's really up to you whether you want to go back to them or not. Sometimes it's beautiful to rekindle something and other times it's best for you to move on. Either way, focusing on self care and healing is the major key to success when using the Sperm Web Theory.

    Has this ever happened to you? We'd love to hear your Sperm Web Theory stories or how this method has worked for you.

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