How to Manifest Sex with the Law of Attraction

Are you ready to manifest steamy sex with the law of attraction? Yep, you read that right. You’re probably questioning how this could possibly work, it seems kind of far-fetched but there’s a method to the madness. We explore how the law of attraction can help you to get laid.

    The Law of Attraction & Sex

    The law of attraction states that “like attracts like”. It’s one of the 12 Universal laws which are said to be the most intrinsic and unchangeable laws of the universe. It’s the basic principle that you attract whatever you focus on. This happens to apply to everything, even sex. 

    We’re all using the law of attraction all of the time without even realising it. People often associate this law with positive manifestation, but it also happens to work in the negative. If you’re someone who is thirsting for sex and not getting it, it’s because you are signalling to the mind and universe that you are in “lack” of something. Because you’re signalling lack of sex, you are ironically attracting more lack of sex. 

    Sex in itself is a complex desire and the law of attraction requires you to truly believe and match the energy of your desire before it will manifest. This means you first have to confront any limiting beliefs that you have relating to sex. Remember, the law of attraction is a “practice”, so it does take a little work to get there. 

    Manifesting Sex & The Law of Attraction

    The first thing you need to do before the law of attraction will work for you is delve into your subconscious belief systems surrounding sex. There are many modalities which you can practice to access this part of your mind like: breathwork, affirmations, journaling or meditation. Confronting your subconscious beliefs, memories and traumas relating to sex can be quite challenging, but can ultimately lead to transformation in your sex life.

    Working through this trauma will open the door to manifestation, as you’ll be unburdened by limiting self beliefs. If you try to manifest sex, but deep down feel insecure, undesirable or fearful then you’re essentially blocking the manifestation from coming to fruition.

    You have to truly match the emotional frequency of your desire in order to attract it. Let’s explore some ways to deep dive into these deeply ingrained beliefs and start to manifest steamier sex with the law of attraction.

    How to Manifest Sex with the Law of Attraction

    1. Work on Self Limiting Beliefs about Sex 

    Shadow work journal prompts are a powerful way to access stored memories, beliefs, assumptions and trauma that lay dormant in the subconscious mind. The concept that was first derived by renowned psychologist, Carl Jung states that we all have a “shadow self” where we hide our deepest fears, regret, shame and desires. The more these emotions are buried, the darker the shadow becomes, manifesting in harmful and self sabotaging behaviour. 

    By answering journaling prompts relating to sex you can deep dive into your ingrained and self limiting beliefs. This greater awareness can help to heal your issues relating to relationships and self love, letting go of the past and transforming your relationship to sex. 

    11 Shadow Work Prompts for Sex

    1. What was your first memory of understanding what sex was? How was it introduced to you? Were you confused or did you understand what it was?
    2. When was the first time you discovered your own sexual pleasure? How older were you? How did it make you feel? Were you comfortable with it or did you feel shame about it? Why?
    3. Who was your first sexual crush? How long did you like this person? Did anything ever happen between you? If not, why not?
    4. What was your first sexual experience like? Were you comfortable? Was it healthy or unhealthy? How did you feel about sex after this experience? How did this affect your next sexual experience?
    5. Did you have positive role models when it came to relationships as a child? Who did you look up to and was their relationship healthy or unhealthy? Do you see yourself repeating these patterns as an adult?
    6. What was your first memory of feeling rejected? Who rejected you and how did they do it? How did this make you feel and how did you move on from it?
    7. How do you think people perceive you? Do they find you attractive or unattractive? What physical qualities do you think people notice about you?
    8. What is the biggest lie you tell about yourself to sexual partners? Why do you feel the need to lie and what truth are you are trying to avoid?
    9. Who was your best sexual partner? Why were they the best? What qualities about your sex life with this person would you like in your next sexual partner?
    10. Who was the worst sexual partner that you had? Why was it the worst? Did you feel sexy, desired and wanted during sex? What can you do to avoid having experiences like this in the future?
    11. Do you feel desired? When do you feel your sexiest? What can you do to feel better about your desirability? 

    2. Decide What You Want

    Once you’ve worked through your subconscious blockages relating to sex you’re ready to manifest better sex with the law of attraction. The first step is to decide what you want.

    Clarity on what you desire is extremely powerful. Once you’ve made a clear decision about what it is you want to manifest you’re sending new signals to the subconscious mind that will help map out your new reality. The more specific you are about your desired sex life, the easier it will be to match the vibrational frequency of that desire. 

    3. Visualize & Feel It

    Now that you’re clear on what it is that you desire, take some time to visualize it. The major key here is to not only visualize your desire, but feel it as if it has already come true. Remember, the law of attraction states that “like attracts like”, so if you keep signalling that you “lack sex” then you will keep attracting a lack of sex. 

    It has to feel like you already have it, so that you’re sending out signals of abundance instead of lack. Visualize this sex in as much detail as you can; set the scene, where are you, who are you with, what positions are you having sex in, how does it feel, do you feel desired, how does your body feel, can you feel it now as you visualize it? 

    Sit in this feeling and raise your emotional frequency for as long as you can. Holding onto this feeling signals to the body and the universe that you want more of this. Connecting the visualization of the mind to a visceral feeling in the body will establish a stronger connection to your manifestation.

    4. Let Go 

    Once you’ve worked through your limiting beliefs, decided what you want, visualized and felt it, let go. You have done all the work for your manifestation to come to fruition. It’s counterproductive at this point for you to sit around waiting for this to manifest as you’re essentially signaling that you’re in “lack” again.

    Constantly questioning why it hasn’t come is blocking your manifestation. You can repeat this technique as often as you’d like, remembering that the motive should be to feel amazing in the present, not as though you’re desperate for something in the future. 

    5. Self Care

    Now that you’ve practiced this manifestation technique, continue to show yourself self love and care. Be kind to yourself, be kind to your body and remember that you are all that you need. When you find happiness and gratitude from within you will find it much easier to attract your desires. Practicing modalities like shadow work, meditation, breathwork, yoga, working with the sacral chakra and heart chakra, opening your hips and dancing will all help to raise your vibrations to attract more positive sexual experiences into your life. 

    Final Thoughts

    Manifesting sex with the law of attraction is a powerful technique that can help to make your sex life more abundant. Though anyone can use the law of attraction to manifest, it is important to first work through any self limiting beliefs that you have relating to sex. This will place your mind in a more positive state to attract the sex that you truly desire.

    Remember that manifesting with the law of attraction is a practice and can take some time. Placing your self-worth, self care and self love above all else will ultimately transform your life and attract a healthier and steamier sex life.

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