How To Do The Four Corners Method

Walk into the room and own it! The Four Corners Method is a manifestation and abundance technique that can help you become magnetic. Let’s get into how to practice. 

    What is the Four Corners Method?

    The Four Corners Method is a law of attraction and manifestation technique that is said to make you become magnetic. The law of attraction is the belief that your thoughts and emotions have a powerful influence over what is happening in your life; that "like attracts like".

    For example, if you’re thinking negative thoughts all of the time, you will attract negative experiences and vice versa. 

    The Four Corners Method is a visualization exercise that makes you radiate positive and magnetic energy. It helps you focus your thoughts and emotions on a specific goal or desire. 

    The idea is to imagine yourself standing in the center of a square, with each corner representing a different aspect of your desire.

    It can be used for a number of things; maybe you want a new job, or you’re nervous about a party you’re going to or even just wanting to be more magnetic at the gym and make friends.

    This technique will shift your perspective, help you visualise a positive result and attract it to you. 

    How to Do The Four Corners Method

    Step 1: Choose your desire. 

    This is the most important and often most difficult step. Choosing what you want is crucial because it fuels your visualization. It could be anything from finding your dream job, to making new friends or attracting a loving relationship. Be certain with what you desire so that your visualization is a clear as possible.

    Step 2: Visualize

    Imagine yourself standing in the center of the room, with each corner representing a different aspect of your desire. 

    For example, if your desire is to be magnetic at the gym, picture yourself in the centre of the room. Now visualize each corner of the gym. Each corner could represent a specific element of what you want to attract. 

    For example; new friendships, talking to a new gym crush, a new training partner or the attention and admiration of others.

    Step 3: Focus

    Focus on each corner one at a time, imagining yourself experiencing that aspect of your desire. It is important to feel the emotions associated with having your desire.

    Try to really tap into your emotions of excitement, joy and gratitude. This will make you magnetic. 

    Step 4: Affirm 

    As you move from one corner to the next, repeat affirmations to yourself that align with your desire. 

    For example, "I am worthy of new friendships and feeling desired" or "I attract everything I desire."

    These affirmations will seep into your subconscious mind and begin to attract the experience as if it were already true. 

    Step 5: See Your Desire

    Once you've focused on all four corners, imagine your desire as a whole and feel the positive emotions associated with it. 

    Allow yourself to live deeply in those feelings for as long as possible, this will only help your manifestation come to you quicker. 

    Final Thoughts 

    The Four Corners Method is a powerful tool for attracting your desires because it helps you to focus your thoughts and emotions in a specific direction. By visualizing yourself already experiencing the elements of your desire, you are sending a message to the universe that you are ready and willing to receive it.

    So, if you're feeling stuck or unsure about how to manifest your desires, give the Four Corners Method a try. It may just be the key to unlocking your greatest desires and living your best life!

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