5 Amazing Spiritual Psychedelic Artists You Have to See

Sometimes it's hard to fathom how someone can be so uniquely creative and these 5 incredible spiritual artists are no exception. Be sure to check them out on Instagram or support their stores if you love their work.

1. David Wehmeyer

David Wehmeyer is a graphic designer who creates art in the hopes of "inspiring others". We love the dichotomy of the physical body, the etheric body and quotes that he uses throughout his artwork. His use of colour and the imagination of the pieces are awe-inspiring. I'm definitely looking into buying a few prints! If you're a fan of David's work, check out his Etsy store here.

Instagram: @da.wb

2. Kira Cyan

Kira Cyan is an incredible artist who's art is aesthetic and inspiring. We love the animation coupled with inspiring spiritual quotes, perfect for your phone's wallpaper. She sells prints, stickers and apparel on her website. If you love her designs, check out her instagram below or visit her store here.

Instagram: @kiracyan.design

3. Balmont Art

Joanna of Balmont Art's designs look like they've been plucked out from universal consciousness. The creativity in these pieces is truly astounding. If you're interested in checking out her incredible prints you can find them here.

Instagram: @balmont.art

4. Marcos Alvardo

Marcos is one of the foremost creators in the spiritual psychedelic space. His art has been featured and revered by renowned artists like Virgil Abloh, Juice WLRD, Trippie Redd and more. He truly pushes the boundaries of design with his artistic vision. If you'd like to discover more of his artwork visit the MBM store where he sells clothing, jewellery, accessories, prints and more.

Instagram: @marcosalvaradoar

5. Mariano Pecceinetti

Mariano is truly a visionary with these mind-blowing and visually illusory pieces. I can't even look at the meditating fox without feeling a little dizzy, but how awesome is it! If you're interested in purchasing any of Mariano's prints be sure to check out their store here.

Instagram: @marianopeccinetti  

Final Thoughts

These mind blowing artists are truly tapped into something higher. Their art is thought-provoking and visually stimulating. If you like any of the artists on this list, we encourage you to shop their stores or follow their socials for some extra support! If you liked this Top 5 and want to see some more incredible spiritual and psychedelic art, hit us up and let us know.

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