39 Crown Chakra Affirmations for Spiritual Enlightenment

If you've been working on your spiritual growth then you're probably wondering what it takes to unblock the crown chakra. Opening the crown chakra with positive affirmations is a powerful way to connect with your divine self to reach a higher state of consciousness. But how does it work?

    What are the 7 Chakras?

    The 7 chakras are the main energy centres of the body. Each has a distinct location and is responsible for regulating certain emotions. We all hold our Kundalini energy or “life force” in the “root chakra” which is located at the base of the spine. This energy is said to lay dormant in the system until activated through modalities like affirmations, breathwork and meditation.

    When all 7 chakras are activated this energy flows freely through the body achieving balance, a clear mindset and access to greater intuition. When they’re blocked they can wreak havoc on your mental, physical and emotional health. In order for the proper flow of energy, it is recommended to work with the chakras in order from the root, to the sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and finally the crown chakra. 

    What is the Crown Chakra?

    The crown chakra is the final chakra and is the key to spiritual enlightenment. Working with this chakra is generally for the more advanced and will only open after you’ve healed your first 6 chakras. The crown chakra is located at the top of the head; an easy way to find your crown chakra is to take your thumbs, place them above the ears and touch your index fingers together.

    This chakra is a gateway to transcendence, bliss and to your divine self. It is the access point to greater consciousness, allowing you perceive the subtle nuances of reality. When the crown chakra is open, a person will: feel bliss, ecstasy, greater awareness, wisdom, connection to nature and absolute presence. To reach such spiritual ecstasy, however, you first have to ensure that you aren't experiencing any blocked crown chakra symptoms.

    Blocked Crown Chakra Symptoms

    The crown chakra will only open once you have healed your first 6 chakras. This means that you've worked through all of your primal, emotional and intuitive blockages and are ready to reach a full Kundalini awakening. There is, however, still some work to do. When the crown chakra is blocked you may experience a number of symptoms such as:

    • Obsession with spirituality
    • Feeling disconnected
    • Lack of empathy
    • A cynical mindset
    • Obsession with material possession
    • Lack of clarity
    • Feeling purposeless and lacking direction
    • Stuck in a cycle of bad decisions

    Why Should I Practice Crown Chakra Affirmations?

    Affirmations are a powerful tool used to reprogram the subconscious mind. If you’re prone to negative thinking your subconscious mind will continue to feed you negative thoughts without you realising it. We think around 90% of the same thoughts today as we did yesterday. Essentially, our minds are on autopilot.

    Practicing positive affirmations sends new signals to the subconscious mind, shifting you away from a negative mindset and creating new neural pathways. When practiced for 30 days these affirmations will seep into the subconscious mind, developing a new positive subconscious loop and helping to heal any past trauma.

    39 Crown Chakra Affirmations

    1. I surrender to the universe
    2. I am aligned with my purpose
    3. I am present
    4. I live in harmony with nature
    5. I am one with everything
    6. I am universal consciousness
    7. I honour my divine nature
    8. I honour negative emotions and allow them to rise within me without judgement
    9. I am on a journey of self healing 
    10. I am my highest and authentic self
    11. I understand that everything is energy
    12. I am vibrating at a high frequency
    13. I watch my thoughts and remain at peace
    14. I am limitless
    15. I embrace change 
    16. Everything is connected and I am everything
    17. I open myself to wisdom and learning
    18. I receive guidance from my higher self
    19. I am always learning from my experiences
    20. I am divine
    21. I have unshakeable faith in myself
    22. I am the most authentic version of me
    23. I guide those who are in need
    24. I honour my mind, body and spirit
    25. I am more than my physical body
    26. I can perceive that which is greater than myself
    27. I release all limitations
    28. Abundance flows through me
    29. I am in perfect balance 
    30. I feel deep inner peace
    31. Everything I seek is within me
    32. I radiate happiness and joy
    33. I experience everything in bliss
    34. Challenges come my way as an opportunity for growth
    35. I am in complete control of my emotions
    36. I empathise with those who are on their own journey
    37. I accept all others
    38. I trust my inner guidance
    39. I live in harmony with others 

    Final Thoughts 

    Practicing crown chakra affirmations is a powerful way to open and heal the crown chakra. If you have reached this level of enlightenment then you have healed your trauma and should feel at peace with yourself and the outer world. Having access to this greater consciousness is said to feel like total bliss. Though this is experience is not reached by many people in their lifetime, it is certainly achievable. If you feel as though you're still struggling with any emotional issues or past trauma we recommend starting with root chakra affirmations and making your way up the body to finally reach the crown chakra.

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